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Average: ~$33,000
Median: ~$990
Total: ~$9.6 million

# Title Release Price Tags Followers Reviews Score Net Revenue
1 Antichamber is a mind-bending psychological exploration game where nothing can be taken for granted. Discover an Escher-like world where hallways wrap around upon each other, spaces reconfigure themselves, and accomplishing the impossible may just be the only way forward. Antichamber
Steam Publisher: Demruth
Jan 31, 2013
7 years, 1 month ago
AbstractAdventureAtmosphericColorfulDifficultExplorationFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieMasterpieceMetroidvaniaMinimalistNonlinearPsychedelicPsychologicalPuzzleReplay ValueSci-fiSingleplayerSurreal
16,820 10,041 10/10 ~$3.8 million
2 The Beginner's Guide is a narrative video game from Davey Wreden, the creator of The Stanley Parable. It lasts about an hour and a half and has no traditional mechanics, no goals or objectives. Instead, it tells the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand. The Beginner's Guide
Steam Publisher: Everything Unlimited Ltd.
Oct 1, 2015
4 years, 5 months ago
AbstractAdventureAtmosphericDarkEmotionalExperienceExperimentalFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieNarrationPhilosophicalPsychologicalPsychological HorrorPuzzleShortSingleplayerStory RichSurrealWalking Simulator
35,950 12,635 9/10 ~$2.4 million
3 The Bridge is a logic puzzle game that forces you to reevaluate your preconceptions of physics and perspective. It is Isaac Newton meets M. C. Escher. Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures. The Bridge
Steam Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Feb 22, 2013
7 years, 1 month ago
2DAbstractAdventureAtmosphericBeautifulCasualControllerDarkDifficultGreat SoundtrackHand-drawnIndieLogicPhysicsPlatformerPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerSingleplayerStrategySurreal
8,080 2,704 9/10 ~$520,000
4 Deceptively simple. Infinitely complex. LYNE is a minimalist puzzle game that will knot your brain as it calms your soul. Connect the shapes. Fill the board. Lose yourself in the interflowing paths of LYNE. LYNE
Steam Publisher: Thomas Bowker
Mar 17, 2014
6 years ago
2DAbstractActionAtmosphericCasualDifficultFree to PlayGreat SoundtrackIndieLogicMinimalistMouse onlyPuzzleRelaxingSingleplayerStrategyTouch-Friendly
8,522 6,564 10/10 ~$380,000
5 Receiver was created for the 7-day FPS challenge to explore gun handling mechanics, randomized levels, and unordered storytelling. Armed only with a handgun and an audio cassette player, you must uncover the secrets of the Mindkill in a building complex infested with automated turrets and hovering shock drones. Receiver
Steam Publisher: Wolfire Games
Apr 29, 2013
6 years, 11 months ago
AbstractActionAtmosphericCyberpunkDifficultFirst-PersonFPSHorrorIndiePerma DeathProcedural GenerationRealisticRoguelikeSci-fiShooterSimulationSingleplayerStealthTacticalVR
6,035 2,202 9/10 ~$210,000
6 EDGE, the award winning retro-styled platform game has been extended! Now with over 40 brand new levels, additional music and all-new races against the notorious Dark Cube! EDGE
Steam Publisher: Two Tribes Publishing
Aug 11, 2011
8 years, 7 months ago
3D PlatformerAbstractActionCasualDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieIsometricMinimalistPlatformerPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerRetroSingleplayerTime Attack
N/A 1,566 9/10 ~$210,000
7 Ever wondered what running at 140mph feels like? FOTONICA is a first-person game about the thrill of speed and traveling flawlessly through complex environments.FOTONICA is simple, but is not easy: it follows a tradition of arcade games that are easy to pick up and almost impossible to master. FOTONICA
Steam Publisher: Santa Ragione
Nov 6, 2014
5 years, 4 months ago
AbstractActionArcadeCult ClassicFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieLocal MultiplayerMinimalistParkourPlatformerRunner
N/A 552 9/10 ~$160,000
8 140 is a challenging minimalistic platformer with abstract colorful graphics. Rhythmic awareness is required to overcome obstacles controlled by an energetic, yet melancholic electronic soundtrack. 140
Steam Publisher: Carlsen Games
Oct 16, 2013
6 years, 5 months ago
2DAbstractActionColorfulDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieMasterpieceMinimalistMusicPlatformerPrecision PlatformerPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerRhythmShortSingleplayer
3,884 1,646 9/10 ~$160,000
9 Enter the lost world of Kairo. Explore vast abandoned monuments. Bring strange and ancient machinery back to life. Slowly uncover the true purpose of Kairo and fulfil a great destiny.Kairo is an atmospheric 3D exploration and puzzle solving game. Kairo
Steam Publisher: Lupus Studios Limited
Apr 24, 2013
6 years, 11 months ago
AbstractAdventureAtmosphericExplorationFirst-PersonHorrorIndieMasterpieceMinimalistMysteryPuzzleSingleplayerStory RichSurrealVRWalking Simulator
3,524 1,367 7/10 ~$130,000
10 A First Person Shooter Gun Ballet set in a cutesy abstract world. Jump and shoot your way through five worlds full of treacherous enemies with your trusty semi-automatic! Lovely Planet
Steam Publisher: tinyBuild
Jul 31, 2014
5 years, 8 months ago
3D PlatformerAbstractActionAdventureAnimeArcadeColorfulCuteDifficultFast-PacedFirst-PersonFPSGreat SoundtrackIndieMasterpieceOpen WorldPlatformerPsychological HorrorShooterSingleplayer
5,011 1,138 9/10 ~$130,000
11 FRACT is a musical exploration game. You arrive in a forgotten place and explore the vast and unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of a world built on sound. You rebuild its machinery by solving puzzles and bring the world back to life by shaping sound and creating music in the game. FRACT OSC
Steam Publisher: Phosfiend Systems
Apr 22, 2014
5 years, 11 months ago
AbstractAdventureAtmosphericExplorationFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieMusicOpen WorldPuzzleSingleplayerSurrealWalking Simulator
2,668 372 9/10 ~$110,000
12 MirrorMoon EP is a game about mystery and exploration set in outer space. These space travels begin on a red planet and its unique moon and extend across galaxies. The single player part of MirrorMoon EP blends adventure and exploration with navigation-based puzzle solving. MirrorMoon EP
Steam Publisher: Santa Ragione
Sep 4, 2013
6 years, 6 months ago
AbstractAdventureColorfulCult ClassicExperimentalExplorationFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistOpen WorldProcedural GenerationPuzzleSci-fiSpaceSurrealWalking Simulator
1,432 287 6/10 ~$82,000
13 64.0 is a minimal fast-paced arcade game, where you shoot the squares that have the same color as the background. 64.0
Steam Publishers: GrabTheGames, indienova
Mar 16, 2017
3 years ago
2DAbstractActionArcadeDifficultFast-PacedGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistMusicPixel GraphicsReplay ValueRetroRhythmShooterSingleplayerSurvivalTop-DownTop-Down Shooter
4,534 966 9/10 ~$55,000
14 Imagine you could move mountains - literally! With realistic physics, Norse runes, rotating platforms and a lot of gray cells you'll help Munin, Odin's messenger in her very own 2D-adventure, to reclaim her power on a journey through Yggdrasil. Munin
Steam Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Jun 10, 2014
5 years, 9 months ago
2D2D PlatformerAbstractAdventureAtmosphericBeautifulCasualDarkDifficultFemale ProtagonistHand-drawnIndieLogicPhysicsPlatformerPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerSingleplayerStrategySurreal
1,703 488 9/10 ~$47,000
15 Sokobond is an elegantly designed puzzle game about chemistry. It's logical, minimalist, and beautiful - crafted with love and science. Sokobond
Steam Publisher: Draknek
Jul 21, 2014
5 years, 8 months ago
AbstractCasualColorfulControllerCuteDifficultEducationFamily FriendlyGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistPuzzleRelaxingScienceSingleplayerSokobanStrategyStylized
1,421 227 9/10 ~$43,000
16 An adorable puzzle game about being a monster and making snowmen. A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
Steam Publisher: Draknek
Feb 25, 2015
5 years, 1 month ago
AbstractAtmosphericCartoonyCasualCuteDifficultExplorationFamily FriendlyGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistOpen WorldPost-apocalypticPuzzleRelaxingSingleplayerSokobanStrategyStylizedSurreal
1,814 211 9/10 ~$40,000
17 Pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot takes on the villainous Baron Widebeard in this point and click adventure game. Meet a hilarious cast of characters including Tom Baker (Dr Who) and face perplexing challenges in your search for the Treasure of the Seventh Sea. Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet
Steam Publisher: Application Systems Heidelberg
Mar 22, 2016
4 years ago
2.5DAbstractAdventureAtmosphericComedyCuteDramaEmotionalFamily FriendlyFemale ProtagonistFunnyIndieInteractive FictionNarrationOld SchoolPiratesPixel GraphicsPoint & ClickSingleplayerThird Person
1,894 105 9/10 ~$40,000
18 A tactical puzzle/roguelike on a hyperbolic plane. HyperRogue
Steam Publisher: Zeno Rogue
Jan 16, 2015
5 years, 2 months ago
AbstractDifficultEducationExplorationFantasyHex GridIndieLocal Co-OpOpen WorldProcedural GenerationPsychedelicPuzzleReplay ValueRoguelikeSingleplayerTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
829 206 9/10 ~$39,000
19 Hylics is a recreational program with light JRPG elements. Hylics
Steam Publisher: Mason Lindroth
Oct 2, 2015
4 years, 5 months ago
AbstractAtmosphericGreat SoundtrackIndieJRPGPixel GraphicsPsychedelicRPGRPGMakerSingleplayerSurreal
1,793 674 10/10 ~$39,000
20 Rememoried is an independent video game, a virtual place where memories change to dreams and the only possible way is forgetting, which becomes a mechanism for proceeding to the next layer of dreams. The Surrealist explorative first-person adventure game. Rememoried
Steam Publisher: Hangonit
Aug 31, 2015
4 years, 6 months ago
AbstractAdventureAtmosphericColorfulDarkDifficultExperimentalExplorationFirst-PersonIndieMinimalistMusicMysteryPlatformerPsychedelicPuzzleSingleplayerSpaceSurrealWalking Simulator
2,607 177 6/10 ~$34,000
21 Splice is an experimental and artistic puzzler. Immerse yourself in its microbial world and start splicing! Every level ("strand") consists of a number of cells that you will need to rearrange into a target structure in several moves ("splices"). Splice
Steam Publisher: Cipher Prime Studios
Jun 13, 2012
7 years, 9 months ago
AbstractCasualGreat SoundtrackIndiePuzzleRelaxingSingleplayerTouch-Friendly
N/A 162 9/10 ~$31,000
22 Circa Infinity is a brain-melting circular platformer by Kenny Sun, with a pulse-pounding soundtrack by Jack + Jim Fay. Circa Infinity
Steam Publisher: Kenny Sun
Sep 9, 2015
4 years, 6 months ago
2D2D PlatformerAbstractActionDarkDemonsDifficultDystopianExperimentalGreat SoundtrackHorrorIndiePixel GraphicsPlatformerPrecision PlatformerPsychological HorrorPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerSingleplayer
2,936 183 9/10 ~$28,000
23 OVIVO is mesmerizing platformer with unusual mechanics where everything is as simple as black and white. The journey in the metaphoric world filled with illusions and hidden messages awaits you! OVIVO
Steam Publisher: IzHard
May 12, 2017
2 years, 10 months ago
2DAbstractActionAdventureAmbientAtmosphericControllerDifficultExplorationGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistMysteryPhysicsPlatformerPsychedelicPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerSingleplayerSurreal
4,524 277 9/10 ~$26,000
24 My name is Luzia...and this story isn't about me, it’s about my sister. Do you still wish to hear it? My Big Sister
Steam Publisher: GrabTheGames
Nov 9, 2018
1 year, 4 months ago
2DAbstractAdventureAtmosphericCasualCrimeDarkDifficultGoreGreat SoundtrackHorrorIndiePixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorReplay ValueRPGSingleplayerStory RichSurrealViolent
2,844 223 9/10 ~$26,000
25 The familiar becomes magical in this critically acclaimed interactive artscape. Explore ten scenes inspired by the everyday and let your expectations of reality be transformed. Carl Burton's other work has been featured in the New York Times, Serial, Colossal, and Medium. ISLANDS: Non-Places
Steam Publisher: Carlburton Llc
Nov 17, 2016
3 years, 4 months ago
1,100 265 9/10 ~$25,000
26 Plan the train route for the universe's most awkward space colony! Cosmic Express
Steam Publisher: Draknek
Mar 16, 2017
3 years ago
AbstractAliensAtmosphericCartoonyCasualCuteDifficultFamily FriendlyIndieMinimalistMouse onlyPuzzleRelaxingSingleplayerSpaceStrategyStylizedSurrealTouch-FriendlyTrains
1,108 125 9/10 ~$24,000
27 Making the best Sudoku game on Steam. Sudoku Universe / 数独宇宙
Steam Publisher: Konstructors Entertainment
Dec 18, 2017
2 years, 3 months ago
2,845 579 9/10 ~$22,000
28 You play David, an awfully small abstracted chosen hero tossed into a blissfully simple world overrun by giant culminations of evil physics-beasts. As David, you are given a slingshot-esque gift that you will have to use to conquer your colossus foes. Be there AND be square. David.
Steam Publisher: Fermenter Games
Mar 14, 2014
6 years ago
2DAbstractActionArena ShooterAtmosphericBullet TimeCasualDifficultFast-PacedGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistPhysicsPlatformerShortSingleplayerSoundtrackSpaceTime Manipulation
N/A 562 7/10 ~$21,000
29 Immortal Defense is a story-driven tower defense game in which you give up your body and life to become an immortal "path defender", and defend your home world from destruction, forever. The game takes place over millions of years. Is there anything you would give up everything to defend? Immortal Defense
Steam Publisher: Studio Eres
May 29, 2007
12 years, 10 months ago
AbstractActionAtmosphericBased On A NovelCult ClassicDarkDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieLevel EditorPsychedelicPsychologicalSci-fiSilent ProtagonistSpaceStory RichStrategyTower DefenseTranshumanism
N/A 104 9/10 ~$20,000
30 From the twisted puzzle minds behind the award winning Toki Tori comes a new game, simply called RUSH. Fortunately for fans of high quality puzzle games, RUSH is anything but simple. In the game's fully three dimensional levels, players need to guide cubes to color coded exit points using Conveyor belts, Warps, Stops Signs, Splits and... RUSH
Steam Publisher: Two Tribes Publishing
Dec 3, 2010
9 years, 3 months ago
N/A 1,045 9/10 ~$20,000