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Average: ~$380,000
Median: ~$1,500
Total: ~$164 million

# Title Release Price Tags Followers Reviews Score Net Revenue
31 Now includes the free “Titan Pack” expansion! The “Titan Pack” gives players a substantial amount of enhanced features and new content, including many original environments, new gametypes, the namesake Titan mutator, powerful deployables and weapons, new characters, and the Stealthbender vehicle. Unreal Tournament 3 Black
Steam Publisher: Epic Games, Inc.
Nov 19, 2007
12 years, 7 months ago
ActionAddictiveAdventureArena ShooterAtmosphericClassicCompetitiveCo-opFast-PacedFirst-PersonFPSGoreGreat SoundtrackMasterpieceModdableMultiplayerSci-fiShooterSingleplayerTeam-Based
N/A 1,971 9/10 ~$760,000
32 You are a God! You are master and ruler of a loyal nation. You have unimaginable powers at your disposal. You have claimed this world as yours. But there are others who stand in your way. You must defeat and destroy these pretenders. Only then can you ascend to godhood and become the new Pantokrator. Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension
Steam Publisher: Illwinter Game Design
Dec 5, 2013
6 years, 7 months ago
$34.99 $8.74 -75%
4XAddictiveDifficultFantasyGod GameGrand StrategyIndieMasterpieceModdableMultiplayerMythologyRPGSandboxSingleplayerStrategyTurn-BasedTurn-Based Strategy
15,093 1,063 9/10 ~$710,000
33 It's time to gear up!Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX+! The award-winning chomping game makes a shattering debut on Steam with even more content and a refined user-interface to compare high scores with your friends! PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+
Steam Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Sep 24, 2013
6 years, 9 months ago
$9.99 $2.49 -75%
2DActionAddictiveArcadeCasualClassicColorfulControllerFast-PacedGreat SoundtrackMasterpieceMultiplayerOld SchoolPuzzleRemakeRetroScore AttackSingleplayerStrategyTouch-Friendly
6,007 3,544 10/10 ~$680,000
34 Defender's Quest is a Tower-Defense/RPG Hybrid tightly focuses on three things: tactical depth, customization, and story Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX edition)
Steam Publisher: Level Up Labs
Oct 30, 2012
7 years, 8 months ago
$14.99 $4.94 -67%
2DAddictiveAdventureComedyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackMedievalModdablePixel GraphicsReal-Time with PauseRetroRPGSingleplayerStory RichStrategyTactical RPGTouch-FriendlyTower DefenseZombies
8,142 2,328 10/10 ~$670,000
35 Defense Grid: The Awakening is a unique spin on tower defense gameplay that will appeal to players of all skill levels. A horde of enemies is invading, and it's up to the player to stop them by strategically building fortification towers around their base. Defense Grid: The Awakening
Steam Publisher: Hidden Path Entertainment
Dec 8, 2008
11 years, 7 months ago
ActionAddictiveAdventureAliensControllerFuturisticIndieMasterpieceReplay ValueSci-fiSingleplayerStrategyTouch-FriendlyTower Defense
N/A 3,235 10/10 ~$620,000
36 One of the few hardcore restaurant sims in existence, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a deceptively easy game to learn but incredibly challenging to master as you progress through your career from owning a terrible zero star cafe into a five star world famous restaurant. Cook, Serve, Delicious!
Steam Publisher: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Oct 8, 2013
6 years, 9 months ago
$9.99 $2.49 -75%
2DActionAddictiveArcadeCasualComedyCo-opDifficultFast-PacedFunnyGameMakerIndieLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerManagementSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTime ManagementTyping
6,160 3,115 10/10 ~$600,000
37 With over 6 million units sold and unprecedented critical acclaim from fans and press around the world, Sid Meier's Civilization is recognized as one of the greatest PC game franchises of all-time. Now, Sid Meier and Firaxis Games will take this incredibly fun and addictive game to new heights by adding new ways to play and win, new... Sid Meier's Civilization® IV
Steam Publisher: 2K
Oct 25, 2005
14 years, 8 months ago
4XAddictiveClassicEconomyGrand StrategyGreat SoundtrackHistoricalManagementMasterpieceModdableMultiplayerReplay ValueResource ManagementSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyWar
10,429 1,454 9/10 ~$560,000
38 A unique and deeply engaging political/military strategic simulation from the creator of Plague Inc. Balance competing civilian and military priorities and deal with a deadly insurgency in order to stabilise a war-torn country. Rebel Inc: Escalation
Steam Publisher: Ndemic Creations
Oct 15, 2019
8 months, 4 weeks ago
Early Access
$14.99 $11.99 -20%
AddictiveCasualDiplomacyEarly AccessGreat SoundtrackIndieManagementMilitaryPoliticalPolitical SimRealisticReal-Time with PauseRTSSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTop-DownWar
39,925 1,917 9/10 ~$550,000
39 The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer’s stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERS! Select from over 125 combinations of weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems and take to the skies to battle enemy fighter planes, battleships, submarines, and rival aces for glory, honor, and high scores. LUFTRAUSERS
Steam Publisher: Devolver Digital
Mar 18, 2014
6 years, 3 months ago
$9.99 $2.49 -75%
2DActionAddictiveArcadeBullet HellDifficultFast-PacedFlightGreat SoundtrackIndieMasterpiecePixel GraphicsReplay ValueRetroRoguelikeShoot 'Em UpShooterSimulationSingleplayerWorld War II
7,708 2,789 9/10 ~$530,000
40 This compilation includes the entire RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 series, with the original game as well as the Time Twister and Wacky Worlds expansions. RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2: Triple Thrill Pack
Steam Publisher: Atari
Oct 15, 2002
17 years, 8 months ago
$9.99 $3.39 -66%
2DAddictiveBuildingCasualClassicEconomyFamily FriendlyGreat SoundtrackIsometricManagementMasterpieceMultiplayerNostalgiaOpen WorldPixel GraphicsRetroSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategy
9,618 2,681 9/10 ~$510,000
41 Brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad. Frozen Synapse
Steam Publisher: Mode 7
May 26, 2011
9 years, 1 month ago
$24.99 $17.49 -30%
AddictiveAsynchronous MultiplayerChessCompetitiveCo-opCyberpunkDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieLocal MultiplayerMasterpieceMultiplayerReplay ValueSci-fiSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTop-DownTurn-BasedTurn-Based Strategy
N/A 1,022 9/10 ~$490,000
42 Runner2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and IGF award winning BIT.TRIP RUNNER. In the style of the BIT.TRIP series, Runner2 is a rhythm-music platforming game. Players will run through fantastic environments, using brand new moves, to brand new soundtracks as they run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward the goal of tracking... BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
Steam Publisher: Gaijin Games
Feb 26, 2013
7 years, 4 months ago
$14.99 $5.99 -60%
2.5D2DActionAddictiveArcadeCasualColorfulComedyControllerDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieMusicPlatformerPrecision PlatformerRhythmRunnerScore AttackSide ScrollerSingleplayer
2,926 1,514 9/10 ~$430,000
43 Insane mix of cars, speed, explosions, blood and zombies! Fight through an epic narrative campaign or test yourself in the Slaughter and Blood Race modes. Zombie Driver HD
Steam Publisher: Exor Studios
Oct 17, 2012
7 years, 8 months ago
$9.99 $1.99 -80%
AddictiveAdventureAtmosphericControllerExplorationGoreHorrorIsometricOpen WorldPost-apocalypticRacingReplay ValueScore AttackShooterSingleplayerSurvivalTop-DownTop-Down ShooterViolentZombies
6,248 2,241 9/10 ~$430,000
44 The officially licensed multiplayer version of the classic fantasy adventure board game, Talisman. On your travels, you will need strength, courage and some good dice rolls to survive the dangers you face and beat your opponents to the centre of the board! Talisman: Digital Edition
Steam Publisher: Nomad Games
Feb 25, 2014
6 years, 4 months ago
$6.99 $1.74 -75%
AddictiveAdventureBoard GameCard GameCasualClassicFamily FriendlyFantasyGames WorkshopIndieLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerMultiplayerRPGSingleplayerStrategyTabletopTouch-FriendlyTurn-BasedTurn-Based Strategy
N/A 3,058 7/10 ~$410,000
45 From the legendary series that founded the online shooter genre comes the most exciting, energetic, and fast-paced shooter on the Internet. Play against players around the world in over 100 arenas, and a dozen game modes, in one of the most competitive shooters online today. Welcome to Quake Live. Quake Live™
Steam Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Aug 6, 2010
9 years, 11 months ago
$9.99 $2.99 -70%
ActionAddictiveArena ShooterAtmosphericClassicCompetitiveCult ClassicDifficulteSportsFast-PacedFirst-PersonFPSFunnyMasterpieceMultiplayerOld SchoolParkourShooterStrategySurvival
28,210 2,120 9/10 ~$410,000
46 Inspired by the 1983 cult classic film, Wargames, DEFCON superbly evokes the tension, paranoia and suspicion of the Cold War era, playing on the fascinating aspects of psychological gameplay that occur during strategic nuclear warfare. You play a General hidden deep within an underground bunker. DEFCON
Steam Publisher: Introversion Software
Sep 29, 2006
13 years, 9 months ago
$9.99 $1.99 -80%
2DAddictiveAtmosphericCold WarDiplomacyGreat SoundtrackHorrorIndieMultiplayerPsychological HorrorReal-Time with PauseRTSSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalWarWargame
6,010 2,073 9/10 ~$400,000
47 Electronic Super Joy is a brutally hard platformer set in a world of pulse-pounding electronic music. Run, jump, smash & fly your way through 45+ weird & different levels, with low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters & swarming missiles. Electronic Super Joy
Steam Publisher: 2&30 Software
Aug 23, 2013
6 years, 10 months ago
$7.99 $1.59 -80%
2DActionAddictiveAdventureDifficultFunnyGreat SoundtrackIndieMasterpieceMusicPixel GraphicsPlatformerPrecision PlatformerRetroRhythmScore AttackShortSide ScrollerSingleplayerSoundtrack
N/A 2,545 9/10 ~$390,000
48 Zachtronics is back with an ambitious new design-based puzzle game. Take on the role of a Reactor Engineer working for SpaceChem, the leading chemical synthesizer for frontier colonies. Construct elaborate factories to transform raw materials into valuable chemical products! SpaceChem
Steam Publisher: Zachtronics
Mar 2, 2011
9 years, 4 months ago
$9.99 $2.49 -75%
2DAddictiveAutomationBuildingCasualDifficultEducationGreat SoundtrackIlluminatiIndieLogicProgrammingPuzzleScienceSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerSpaceStrategyTouch-Friendly
7,712 1,996 10/10 ~$380,000
49 Explore a randomly generated Galaxy populated with factions, enemies, missions, and items providing you with a unique experience each time you play. Space Pirates and Zombies
Steam Publisher: MinMax Games Ltd.
Aug 15, 2011
8 years, 10 months ago
$9.99 $3.99 -60%
2DActionAddictiveAdventureExplorationIndieOpen WorldPiratesProcedural GenerationRPGSandboxSci-fiShooterSingleplayerSpaceStrategyTop-DownZombies
4,880 1,869 9/10 ~$360,000
50 Person of European Heritage #112: Welcome to Relocation Block B, your new home. Your designated role is 'Bouncer'. Work hard, stay out of trouble, and we might let you stay in the UK. Not Tonight
Steam Publisher: No More Robots
Aug 17, 2018
1 year, 10 months ago
$19.99 $11.99 -40%
2DAddictiveAdventureAlternate HistoryDifficultDystopianGreat SoundtrackIndieLife SimMultiple EndingsPixel GraphicsPoliticalPoliticsPuzzleReplay ValueRetroRPGSimulationSingleplayerStory Rich
14,433 917 9/10 ~$350,000
51 CommanderVideo is back with BIT.TRIP RUNNER, the latest chapter on Steam in the award-winning and critically acclaimed BIT.TRIP series. Launch special: 10% off now thru Mar. 6th! BIT.TRIP RUNNER
Steam Publisher: Gaijin Games
Feb 28, 2011
9 years, 4 months ago
$9.99 $3.99 -60%
2DActionAddictiveArcadeCasualColorfulControllerDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieMinimalistMusicPixel GraphicsPlatformerReplay ValueRetroRhythmRunnerSide ScrollerSingleplayer
2,417 1,649 9/10 ~$320,000
52 CONNECT MORE THAN CITIES! Set off with your friends and family to re(discover) Ticket to Ride, the classic boardgame. In this railway adventure, you’ll need to be the quickest to link up your cities and reach your destinations. Ticket to Ride
Steam Publishers: Asmodee Digital, Days of Wonder
May 24, 2012
8 years, 1 month ago
$9.99 $3.99 -60%
2DAddictiveAsynchronous MultiplayerBoard GameCasualCompetitiveFamily FriendlyGrand StrategyIndieLocal MultiplayerMultiplayerReplay ValueSingleplayerStrategyTabletopTouch-FriendlyTrainsTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
5,861 1,644 9/10 ~$310,000
53 Europa Universalis III Complete includes the original Europa Universalis III as well as the expansions In Nomine and Napoleons Ambition Europa Universalis III delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy. Europa Universalis III Complete
Steam Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Jan 23, 2007
13 years, 5 months ago
$14.99 $7.49 -50%
4XAddictiveAlternate HistoryCo-opGrand StrategyGreat SoundtrackHistoricalLogicMedievalModdableMultiplayerPoliticalPolitical SimReal-Time with PauseRTSSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategyWar
4,405 1,084 9/10 ~$310,000
54 As a judge of the Revolutionary Tribunal, preside over complicated cases of ordinary citizens, dangerous criminals, and enemies of the revolution in revolutionary Paris. Make judgments, plot political intrigue, and try to not lose your own head! We. The Revolution
Steam Publisher: Klabater
Mar 21, 2019
1 year, 3 months ago
$19.99 $7.99 -60%
AddictiveChoices MatterCrimeDarkDifficultEducationHistoricalInvestigationMaturePoint & ClickPolitical SimPoliticsPuzzleSimulationSingleplayerStory RichStrategyThrillerTurn-BasedViolent
15,843 795 9/10 ~$300,000
55 Shoot! Dodge! and... Get Hit!? "Ikaruga" is a vertical shoot 'em up that features an unique polarity-switching gameplay. Switch the ship's polarity and "get hit and absorb" enemy bullets! Achieve High Score with the chain bonus! Ikaruga
Steam Publisher: Treasure
Feb 18, 2014
6 years, 4 months ago
$9.99 $4.99 -50%
2DActionAddictiveArcadeBullet HellClassicControllerCo-opDifficultGreat SoundtrackIndieLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerMasterpieceRetroSci-fiShoot 'Em UpShooterSingleplayerSpace
N/A 1,529 10/10 ~$290,000
56 Do you find tycoon games too simplistic? GearCity is a complex and in-depth business simulator. It focuses on a realistic economic simulation of the global automobile industry. Many car tycoon games exist. Some are glorified car designers, while others are trivial. None are as comprehensive as GearCity. GearCity
Steam Publisher: Visual Entertainment And Technologies
May 30, 2014
6 years, 1 month ago
Early Access
$19.99 $14.99 -25%
3DAddictiveAutomobile SimBuildingCapitalismEarly AccessEconomyEducationFamily FriendlyIndieManagementRacingRealisticReplay ValueRetroSandboxSimulationStrategyTurn-BasedTurn-Based Strategy
6,533 756 9/10 ~$290,000
57 Legendary shoot-'em-up makes its way on the PCs! Abundant explosions, truly epic boss fights and beautifully crafted 3D environments are here to keep you entertained. Sky Force Anniversary offers single player experience and local cooperative mode for 2 players. Sky Force Anniversary
Steam Publisher: Infinite Dreams
Apr 30, 2015
5 years, 2 months ago
$9.99 $0.99 -90%
2.5DActionAddictiveArcadeBullet HellClassicColorfulCo-opGreat SoundtrackIndieLocal Co-OpReplay ValueRetroScore AttackShoot 'Em UpShooterTop-Down ShooterWar
4,469 1,413 9/10 ~$270,000
58 The new Sports Bar VR with cross-play is a major social experience update & now available on Steam. A single through 8-player cross-platform virtual sports bar overflowing with fun and silly props, featuring an awesome set of fun games and new game modes for pool, darts, shuffleboard & more. Sports Bar VR
VR Required Publisher: Perilous Orbit
Jun 1, 2016
4 years, 1 month ago
$19.99 $9.99 -50%
AddictiveCasualIndieLocal MultiplayerMultiplayerPhysicsPoolSimulationSportsStrategyVR
6,174 702 9/10 ~$270,000
59 Play POOL NATION and become mesmerised by our balls, entranced by our decals & unashamedly attached to our cues, so join us please, & just have fun playing pool!! WARNING: contains addictive content!! Pool Nation, with WORKSHOP integration AVAILABLE NOW in our Crazy Mode the Box Of Tricks (Out Now)! Pool Nation
Steam Publisher: Cherry Pop Games
Oct 18, 2013
6 years, 8 months ago
AddictiveCasualIndieLocal MultiplayerMultiplayerPhysicsPoolRelaxingSandboxSimulationSingleplayerSportsStrategy
3,349 2,001 9/10 ~$270,000
60 FREE GAME UPDATE! Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition. More ways to die horribly in 10 minutes or less. The award winning quick-play puzzle roguelike is now packed with new content, new classes and a new way to play: Compete against your friends in the seeded Daily Dungeon! Desktop Dungeons
Steam Publisher: QCF Design
Nov 7, 2013
6 years, 8 months ago
$14.99 $7.49 -50%
2DAddictiveAdventureCasualComedyDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyGreat SoundtrackIndiePuzzleResource ManagementRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerStrategyTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
11,135 932 9/10 ~$270,000