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Pumpkin Days Cover Image
Pumpkin Days is a traditional farming RPG. Pick one of three towns to start your farming adventure. Farm, fish, mine, catch bugs, raise animals, and more. Help fill out the museum to stop a factory from being built on the island. Unless you wish to side with the factory. The choice is yours.
Pumpkin Days
Steam Publisher: Pumpkin Interactive Developer: Pumpkin Interactive
Feb 1, 2021
3 weeks, 3 days ago
AgricultureAnimeCasualFarming SimIndieRPGSimulation
3,664 342 9/10 ~$160,000
Farm Expert 2017 Cover Image
Feel the real trouble of being farmer with realistic physics. Look after your machines in backyard workshop, expand your activites to other farms, and take care of plants in greenhouses. All of this and much more in Farm Expert 2017!
Farm Expert 2017
Steam Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A. Developer: Silden
Sep 1, 2016
4 years, 5 months ago
AgricultureAtmosphericAutomobile SimDrivingEconomyExplorationFamily FriendlyFarmingFarming SimFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieInventory ManagementManagementOpen WorldPhysicsRealisticResource ManagementSimulationSingleplayer
2,505 417 5/10 ~$160,000
Green Project Cover Image
Post apocalyptic survival farming, green the world to survive !
Green Project
Steam Publisher: Zerone Games Developers: Dawson Dewulf, Zerone Games
May 16, 2020
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Dark ComedyFarming SimIndiePixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticSimulationSurvival
6,308 668 9/10 ~$150,000
Kynseed Cover Image
Plant a mystical acorn that grows into a family tree in which your choices create its branches. Raise a family, farm the land, run shops, and explore a world where everyone ages. When you die, step into your children's shoes and continue your family's legacy.
Steam Publisher: PixelCount Studios Developer: PixelCount Studios
Nov 8, 2018
2 years, 3 months ago
Early Access
2DAdventureAgricultureEarly AccessFantasyFarmingFarming SimFunnyGreat SoundtrackIndieLife SimPixel GraphicsRelaxingRPGSimulation
N/A 792 9/10 ~$150,000
Winkeltje: The Little Shop Cover Image
Winkeltje: The Little Shop is all about building, decorating, and running your own old-world fantasy shop. Buy low, sell high - from nails and apples to swords and alchemic love potions. Impress your customers, craft items, and be the master of your very own shop.
Winkeltje: The Little Shop
Steam Publisher: Sassybot Developer: Sassybot
Feb 19, 2019
2 years ago
Early Access
Base BuildingBuildingCapitalismCasualCharacter CustomizationCity BuilderCraftingCuteEarly AccessEconomyFantasyFarming SimManagementMedievalResource ManagementSandboxSimulationStrategyTop-DownTrading
9,686 601 9/10 ~$150,000
World's Dawn Cover Image
Bring life back to a sleepy seaside village by building friendships, finding love, harvesting crops, tending livestock, competing in festivals, fishing, mining, discovering magical secrets and more!
World's Dawn
Steam Publisher: Wayward Prophet Developer: Wayward Prophet
Jan 25, 2016
5 years, 1 month ago
AgricultureAnimeCasualCuteDating SimFarmingFarming SimFemale ProtagonistIndieLGBTQ+Life SimRomanceRPGRPGMakerSimulationSingleplayer
7,284 621 9/10 ~$120,000
Dong-Jin Rice-hime(東津萌米) Cover Image
It takes all sorts to make a world, also all sorts of rice!? From Simon Creative and Storia, one of our most popular games of 2016, here comes the rice growing simulation game!
Dong-Jin Rice-hime(東津萌米)
Steam Publisher: SimonCreative Developers: Narrator, SimonCreative, Storia
Apr 28, 2017
3 years, 10 months ago
AdventureAnimeCuteFarming SimIndieVisual Novel
9,160 309 9/10 ~$120,000
Weed Shop 2 Cover Image
Weed Shop 2 is a first person recreational Marijuana dispensary simulator where you'll get to grow the hottest strains, expand your business, hire employees and much more!
Weed Shop 2
Steam Publisher: Weed Games Developer: ADhD Studios
Mar 30, 2017
3 years, 11 months ago
BuildingComedyCrimeFarming SimFirst-PersonFPSFunnyImmersive SimLife SimManagementMedical SimMemesOpen WorldPsychedelicRelaxingSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategySurreal
2,891 571 9/10 ~$110,000
Verdant Skies Cover Image
Verdant Skies is a life simulation game born from a love for games like Harvest Moon and a desire to create something unique with modern gameplay and deep storytelling. Ensure the success of the colony as you make friends and pursue romance with a diverse cast of characters.
Verdant Skies
Steam Publisher: Howling Moon Software Developer: Howling Moon Software
Feb 12, 2018
3 years ago
AdventureAgricultureBuildingCasualCraftingCuteDating SimFarmingFarming SimFishingIndieLGBTQ+ModdableRelaxingRPGSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStory RichThird Person
3,705 274 9/10 ~$100,000
Ragnorium Cover Image
Ragnorium is a planet recolonization simulator where players are tasked with leading clone colonists in a self-sustainable settlement while attempting to survive the oncoming Holy Crusade.
Steam Publisher: Devolver Digital Developer: Vitali Kirpu
Sep 16, 2020
5 months, 1 week ago
Early Access
3D4XAdventureAtmosphericBase BuildingCharacter CustomizationChoices MatterCity BuilderColony SimEarly AccessFarming SimIndiePixel GraphicsRoguelikeRPGSandboxSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerStrategy
7,860 202 7/10 ~$97,000
Big Farm Story Cover Image
Begin a new chapter in life in Big Farm Story! When your grandpa mysteriously gifts you his old farm, it's your chance to write your own story. Rebuild the farm to its former glory, plant, harvest, and take care of all your animals. Discover a small village and meet new friends around each corner.
Big Farm Story
Steam Publisher: Goodgame Studios Developer: Goodgame Studios
Aug 20, 2020
6 months, 1 week ago
Early Access
$19.99 $14.99 -25%
3DAdventureAtmosphericCartoonyCharacter CustomizationColorfulCraftingCuteEarly AccessEconomyEmotionalFarming SimMusicNarrationNatureRelaxingResource ManagementRPGSimulationStory Rich
2,609 251 7/10 ~$96,000
Warm Village 暖暖村物语 Cover Image
Warm Village 暖暖村物语
Steam Publisher: 心火游戏 Developer: 多极网络
Feb 5, 2020
1 year ago
AdventureAgricultureAnimeCasualFarming SimIndieLocal MultiplayerPixel GraphicsRPGSimulationStrategy
N/A 314 6/10 ~$90,000
Farm for your Life Cover Image
Your community was taken down by a heavy storm which caused an apocalypse and unleashed the living dead. Together with the other survivors, it is your task to rebuild and to allow that sustainable life can still be assured. Cultivate your farm and manage your restaurant to provide food and deal with all the zombies.
Farm for your Life
Steam Publisher: Hammer Labs Developer: Hammer Labs
Jun 5, 2013
7 years, 8 months ago
AgricultureCasualFarmingFarming SimIndieSimulationStrategySurvivalTime ManagementTower DefenseZombies
2,647 441 9/10 ~$84,000
Agricultural Simulator 2013 - Steam Edition Cover Image
Best In Farming!An idyllic farming environment surrounded by inviting & untilled mountain panoramas set in the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, The Alps and USA await all fans of the Agricultural Simulator series.
Agricultural Simulator 2013 - Steam Edition
Steam Publisher: United Independent Entertainment GmbH Developer: Actalogic
Jun 7, 2013
7 years, 8 months ago
AgricultureCasualFarmingFarming SimSimulation
442 379 5/10 ~$73,000
Farming Simulator 2011 Cover Image
The sequel to the best-selling worldwide hit "Farming Simulator" has loads of new features! Assume the role of a farmer experiencing the challenge of 18 hour days running a new farm in the middle of beautiful rolling countryside.
Farming Simulator 2011
Steam Publisher: Giants Software Developer: Giants Software
Oct 29, 2010
10 years, 3 months ago
AgricultureFarmingFarming SimMultiplayerOpen WorldSimulationSingleplayer
1,582 465 9/10 ~$71,000
Real Farm Cover Image
Grow your way to success in Real Farm. Work your way up from nothing in career mode or start with an established farm in free mode. Complete jobs and manage land, crops, animals and staff as you strive to become a respected farmer in the community.
Real Farm
Steam Publisher: SOEDESCO Developer: SOEDESCO
Oct 20, 2017
3 years, 4 months ago
AgricultureAutomobile SimCasualControllerDrivingEconomyFamily FriendlyFarming SimFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackIndieManagementMultiplayerOpen WorldRealisticRelaxingSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategy
4,348 171 6/10 ~$66,000
Secret of the Magic Crystals Cover Image
In this game you manage a horse-breeding farm set in a fantasy surrounding. The game enables you to breed legendary horses such as Pegasus, Unicorn, Fire-steed, Ice-steed and Demon-steed. You can buy over 700 objects during the game. Make all kinds of horseshoes as well as lots of magical potions for your horses.
Secret of the Magic Crystals
Steam Publisher: Artery Games Developer: Artery Games
Feb 3, 2010
11 years ago
3DAction-AdventureCartoonyCasualCharacter CustomizationColorfulCraftingCuteFamily FriendlyFantasyFarming SimHistoricalHorsesLGBTQ+MagicManagementSimulationStrategyStylizedTime Management
1,125 630 9/10 ~$60,000
Wild Season Cover Image
Wild Season is a farming-life sim that takes its foundations from the greats within the farming simulation, visual novel, and RPG genres and delivers them with a twist. Rebuild your farm to its former glory and beyond, befriend the townspeople and maybe find your one true love (of either gender!), and solve the secret of Bedford Valley.
Wild Season
Steam Publisher: Quickfire Games Developer: Quickfire Games
Dec 7, 2015
5 years, 2 months ago
AgricultureFarmingFarming SimIndieJRPGLife SimMysteryRomanceRPGSimulationVisual Novel
2,697 180 5/10 ~$59,000
Fantasy Farming: Orange Season Cover Image
Make your farmers dream come true in Orange Town. Start with a plot of land and build a thriving farm as you explore the charming village and befriend its eccentric residents. Grow crops, raise animals, fish and mine to establish your farm in town. What will your story be?
Fantasy Farming: Orange Season
Steam Publisher: SOEDESCO Developer: Tropical Puppy
Apr 21, 2017
3 years, 10 months ago
Early Access
2DBuildingCasualCuteEarly AccessFamily FriendlyFantasyFarming SimIndieLGBTQ+ModdableNaturePixel GraphicsRelaxingReplay ValueResource ManagementRomanceSimulationSingleplayerTrading
5,197 213 9/10 ~$57,000
Harvest Life Cover Image
Show your mettle as both an aspiring organic farmer and a part-time adventurer. And then you might be in for a romantic happy ending.
Harvest Life
Steam Publisher: rokaplay Developer: bumblebee
Nov 10, 2017
3 years, 3 months ago
AdventureAgricultureBuildingCasualControllerCraftingCuteFamily FriendlyFarmingFarming SimFishingIndieManagementRelaxingSimulationSingleplayer
4,976 188 6/10 ~$54,000
Build, design, and explore your own fantasy world using over 600+ items, in this relaxing sandbox game. No missions, no objectives, no timers. Just stress-free building, exploration, and good vibes.
Steam Publisher: MOONBEAR Developer: MOONBEAR
Aug 30, 2019
1 year, 5 months ago
Early Access
3DBase BuildingBeautifulBuildingCasualCity BuilderColony SimColorfulEarly AccessFantasyFarming SimIndieIsometricMedievalOpen WorldRelaxingReplay ValueSandboxSimulationSingleplayer
4,938 186 9/10 ~$53,000
Gleaner Heights Cover Image
Experience the old-school charm of classic farming games with the suburban gothic atmosphere of certain 90's TV shows, along with contemporary game mechanics. Farming, crafting, combat, romantic relationships and mysterious events await!
Gleaner Heights
Steam Publisher: Emilios Manolidis Developer: Emilios Manolidis
Feb 21, 2018
3 years ago
ActionAdventureAgricultureCasualFarmingFarming SimHorrorIndieLife SimPixel GraphicsRPGSimulation
4,322 276 7/10 ~$53,000
Professional Farmer 2014 Cover Image
Tractors And Farm Machines Get Your Farm Up And RunningThe PC simulator "Professional Farmer 2014" takes the player to the countryside and gives hobby farmers full control in the comfort of their home.
Professional Farmer 2014
Steam Publisher: United Independent Entertainment GmbH Developer: PlayWay S.A.
Nov 27, 2013
7 years, 3 months ago
ActionAgricultureFarmingFarming SimManagementMultiplayerOpen WorldSimulationSingleplayer
792 180 6/10 ~$52,000
No Place Like Home Cover Image
Humanity Trashed the Earth and left for Mars. Only few people remained. Clean the Environment and gather resources. Find new fluffy friends and robot allies. Rebuild your village and environment and run your own post apo farm as there is No Place Like Home!
No Place Like Home
Steam Publisher: Realms Distribution Developer: Chicken Launcher
Dec 23, 2020
2 months ago
Early Access
3DAction-AdventureAgricultureBase BuildingBuildingCasualCharacter Action GameCraftingCuteEarly AccessExplorationFarming SimFishingImmersive SimLife SimNatureOpen WorldRPGSandboxThird Person
8,652 509 9/10 ~$49,000
Serin Fate Cover Image
Evil is afoot... Wielding your new Magic, bound into mysterious Monster-infested lands to uncover ancient relics and restore the Fate Stone. Along the way, explore the depths of every nook to find creatures, garner ingredients, train in Witchery, and craft new equipment.
Serin Fate
Steam Publisher: Crytivo Developer: Vethergen
Mar 10, 2020
11 months, 3 weeks ago
Early Access
AdventureBuildingCasualCollectathonCraftingCreature CollectorEarly AccessExplorationFantasyFarming SimFishingIndieMagicNonlinearOpen WorldPixel GraphicsReplay ValueRPGSandboxSingleplayer
5,283 168 9/10 ~$48,000
Terroir Cover Image
Terroir is a 3D tile-based tycoon game where you manage your very own vineyard. In Terroir, you grow a variety of different grape varietals, craft your wine, and expand and manage your Chateau, all the while dealing with the weather and events that can either make or break your business.
Steam Publisher: General Interactive Co. Developer: General Interactive Co.
Sep 20, 2017
3 years, 5 months ago
3DAgricultureAmbientAtmosphericAutomationBase BuildingBuildingCity BuilderCuteEconomyFarming SimHex GridManagementNatureRelaxingResource ManagementSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTime Management
3,711 270 7/10 ~$41,000
Farm Frenzy 4 Cover Image
The Farm Frenzy series of casual sims gets a makeover in this sequel. Choose and dress your character, and then get busy saving the family farm! Virtual farming has never been more fun, so grab yer overalls, roll up yer sleeves and get ready for an egg-crackin', cow-milking, sheep-shearin' good time!
Farm Frenzy 4
Steam Publisher: Buka Entertainment Developer: Alawar Entertainment
Aug 1, 2013
7 years, 6 months ago
AdventureAgricultureCasualFarmingFarming SimHorrorSimulationStrategyTime Management
660 285 7/10 ~$38,000
Alchemy Story Cover Image
Discover a world of magic, cute creatures and adventure in Alchemy Story, a casual farming simulation game! Grow your garden, brew potions, care for your pets and meet new friends!
Alchemy Story
Steam Publisher: Éloïse Laroche Developer: Éloïse Laroche
Apr 15, 2020
10 months, 2 weeks ago
3DAgricultureCartoonyCasualCraftingCuteDating SimFamily FriendlyFarming SimFemale ProtagonistFishingIndieLGBTQ+Life SimMagicRelaxingRomanceRPGSimulationSingleplayer
2,812 92 9/10 ~$35,000
Lemon Cake Cover Image
Restore an abandoned bakery and prepare pastries from farm to table! Grow fresh ingredients in the greenhouse, cook pastries & sweets in the kitchen and serve your baked goods to hungry customers in your own shop!
Lemon Cake
Steam Publisher: Éloïse Laroche Developer: Éloïse Laroche
Feb 18, 2021
1 week ago
$14.99 $12.74 -15%
3DAgricultureBuildingCasualCharacter CustomizationColorfulCookingCraftingCuteFamily FriendlyFarming SimIndieLife SimManagementRelaxingRPGSimulationSingleplayerTime Management
1,970 122 9/10 ~$35,000
Voodoo Garden Cover Image
Welcome to the Voodoo Garden! You're owner of a little hut in a bustling swamp. With the help of little spirits you can earn powers and gold by producing various voodoo supplies.
Voodoo Garden
Steam Publisher: Liu Lidan Developer: M. Hanka
Aug 4, 2016
4 years, 6 months ago
2DActionAgricultureAtmosphericBuildingCasualClickerColorfulCuteFamily FriendlyFarming SimFunnyIlluminatiIndieManagementRelaxingRPGSimulationSingleplayerStrategy
5,146 568 7/10 ~$33,000