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Steep™ Cover Image
Ride a massive open world across the Alps, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends. Defy and master the mountain alone or with friends on skis, wingsuits, snowboards and paragliders. Record and share your best stunts.
Steam Publisher: Ubisoft Developers: Ubisoft Annecy, Ubisoft Kiev, Ubisoft Montpellier
Dec 2, 2016
4 years, 5 months ago
ActionAdventureAtmosphericCasualCo-opExplorationFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackMultiplayerOpen WorldRacingRealisticSandboxSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSnowboardingSportsThird PersonVR
125,127 16,949 9/10 ~$9.7 million
SNOW - The Ultimate Edition Cover Image
SNOW - The Ultimate Edition is the only open world, winter sports game. Explore a massive mountain, customize your character with clothing and equipment, compete in events to be the best. Access to all mountains, tracks, events as well including all cosmetics, ski, snowboard, drone, and snowmobile.
SNOW - The Ultimate Edition
Steam Publisher: Crytek Developers: Crytek, Poppermost Productions, WastedStudios
Nov 11, 2020
6 months ago
ActionAdventureCasualControllerEarly AccessExplorationFirst-PersonFree to PlayIndieMultiplayerOpen WorldRealisticSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSnowSnowboardingSportsThird PersonVR
29,719 2,184 6/10 ~$630,000
Snowtopia: Ski Resort Builder Cover Image
Build your ideal ski resort. Keep skiers smiling with fresh pistes and fine facilities. Ski, build and chill in the wintry world of Snowtopia where everyone is welcome!
Snowtopia: Ski Resort Builder
Steam Publishers: Fractale, Goblinz Publishing, Maple Whispering Limited Developer: TeaForTwo
Jan 26, 2021
3 months, 2 weeks ago
Early Access
AtmosphericBase BuildingBuildingCasualCity BuilderColony SimColorfulEarly AccessFamily FriendlyFunnyManagementModdableNatureRelaxingResource ManagementSandboxSimulationSingleplayerSkiingStrategy
9,919 320 7/10 ~$150,000
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong Cover Image
Ride into a hilarious construction puzzler; packed with over 100 creative physics-based challenges, sports and bloody disasters! Build contraptions to help every passenger reach their destination. Enjoy the sports by controlling your riders away from (or towards if you feel like it) peril!
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
Steam Publisher: Curve Digital Developer: Hugecalf Studios
Jan 23, 2019
2 years, 3 months ago
2DBuildingCasualColorfulEarly AccessFunnyIndieLevel EditorMultiplayerPhysicsPuzzleSandboxSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSports
7,088 410 9/10 ~$120,000
Ski Region Simulator - Gold Edition Cover Image
The "Ski Region Simulator Gold Edition" contains plenty of features and possibilities: In the career mode you enter a unique and large winter landscape and experience the workaday life in the swiss alps in a completely adapted and freely accessible world.
Ski Region Simulator - Gold Edition
Steam Publisher: Giants Software Developer: Giants Software
Jan 16, 2013
8 years, 3 months ago
CasualManagementMultiplayerOpen WorldRealisticSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSnow
1,383 379 9/10 ~$65,000
Ski Park Tycoon Cover Image
Designed as a classic tycoon game, Ski Park Tycoon is a ski resort simulation PC game that will put your strategic thinking skills and creativity to the test.
Ski Park Tycoon
Steam Publisher: Jan Zizka Developer: Jan Zizka
Feb 3, 2015
6 years, 3 months ago
345 64 6/10 ~$12,000
K-Point Ski Jumping Cover Image
K-Point Ski jumping is as the title says, 2D Ski jumping game. 34 Real Life based hills Career mode Physics based Mouse controls Online Hill Records
K-Point Ski Jumping
Steam Publisher: Marcin Dzienniak Developer: Marcin Dzienniak
Jan 24, 2020
1 year, 3 months ago
233 85 7/10 ~$9,800
FreakOut: Extreme Freeride Cover Image
The steepest slopes, thrilling stunts and dangerous action provide a most excellent skiing experience. At an altitude of 2000 metres, far away from civilization, in a battle between you and nature.
FreakOut: Extreme Freeride
Steam Publisher: THQ Nordic Developer: Coldwood Interactive
Aug 28, 2007
13 years, 8 months ago
307 43 7/10 ~$8,200
Just Ski+ Cover Image
A difficult, minimalist, one-more-try, physics game. Slide your mouse up and down to control your skier's posture and initiate jumps. Stick the landings. Get to the cabin.
Just Ski+
Steam Publisher: Jeff Weber Developer: Jeff Weber
Feb 7, 2018
3 years, 3 months ago
2DActionAdventureCasualColorfulDark HumorDifficultFunnyIndiePhilosophicalPhysicsPlatformerPrecision PlatformerPsychological HorrorSide ScrollerSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSnowboardingSports
384 101 9/10 ~$5,800
Ski Jumping Pro VR Cover Image
Ski Jumping Pro VR delivers the thrills of hurtling down a snow-packed ski ramp like no other game. Enjoy an ultra-realistic VR experience with the sensation of incomparable height and speed.
Ski Jumping Pro VR
VR Required Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital Developer: Yippee Entertainment
Dec 6, 2019
1 year, 5 months ago
206 13 6/10 ~$5,000
Winter Sports Games Cover Image
Six winter disciplines for 1 to 4 players! Ski jumping, slalom, downhill, bobsledding, sledding and curling! Huge fun for the whole family!
Winter Sports Games
Steam Publisher: Joindots GmbH Developer: Joindots GmbH
Dec 24, 2019
1 year, 4 months ago
1980sActionArcadeControllerFamily FriendlyIndieLocal MultiplayerPvPSimulationSkiingSnowboardingSports
94 1 0/10 ~$340
BSL Winter Games Challenge Cover Image
Six fast paced winter events, including our latest addition, Ski Jump!
BSL Winter Games Challenge
Steam Publisher: VTree LLC Developer: Vtree LLC
Nov 30, 2017
3 years, 5 months ago
ActionCasualFamily FriendlyLocal MultiplayerRacingSimulationSkiingSnowboardingSports
99 9 0/10 ~$340
Death Ski Cover Image
A retro skiing adventure. Slalom courses, time trials and more. Avalanches, charging deer, packs of wolves, grizzly bears, chainsaw-wielding maniacs and psychotic goats await you on the deadly slopes.
Death Ski
Steam Publisher: Fortcullis Games Developer: Fortcullis Games
Jan 5, 2021
4 months, 1 week ago
2DActionArcadeIndiePixel GraphicsRacingRetroRunnerSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSports
33 3 0/10 ~$230
Endless Ski Cover Image
Relive the Classic 90's era game Ski Free in an re-imagined fun, fast paced skiing game. Don't forget to avoid the Yeti!
Endless Ski
Steam Publisher: So-So-Games Developer: So-So-Games
Dec 17, 2019
1 year, 4 months ago
33 8 0/10 ~$150
Horace Goes Skiing Cover Image
Hit the slopes in this sequel to Hungry Horace. First head across the busy road (dodging the heavy traffic) to get your skis, then head to the downhill ski course. Also included is an endless ski mode.
Horace Goes Skiing
Steam Publisher: Pixel Games UK Developer: Pixel Games UK
Oct 23, 2020
6 months, 3 weeks ago
2DActionArcadeCartoonyPixel GraphicsRetroRunnerSingleplayerSkiingSportsTop-Down
19 3 0/10 ~$110
Let's Go! Skiing VR Cover Image
“Let's go! Skiing VR”- go skiing to the finish line as a professional athlete! Easy-to-understand gameplay and great graphics will give an ocean of emotions to adults and children!
Let's Go! Skiing VR
VR Required Publisher: DGMA Developer: DGMA
Sep 27, 2019
1 year, 7 months ago
3D3D Platformer6DOFArcadeAtmosphericCartoonyCasualColorfulCuteFamily FriendlyFirst-PersonImmersive SimNatureRacingRunnerSkiingSportsTime ManipulationVRWalking Simulator
34 1 0/10 ~$57
Skeasy Cover Image
Do you like downhill skiing? Then this game is for you, try to pass the Skeasy track - this is an endless game for killing time. You will definitely enjoy it!
Steam Publisher: Migrate Studio Developer: Migrate Studio
Jun 29, 2020
10 months, 2 weeks ago
$0.99 $0.49 -50%
2D2D PlatformerArcadeAtmosphericCasualIndieNaturePhysicsRacingRhythmSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSports
18 1 0/10 ~$18
That Flipping Mountain Cover Image
A physics driven parkour game inspired by "Getting Over It". Jump, flip, ski, and dive yourself over a massive mountain of stuff. Fall down, rage, get up, shake it off, parkour-on!
That Flipping Mountain
Steam Publisher: Jeff Weber Developer: Jeff Weber
Early Access
Coming Soon
2DActionAdventureCasualComedyDark HumorDifficultEarly AccessFunnyParkourPhilosophicalPhysicsPlatformerPrecision PlatformerPsychological HorrorSide ScrollerSimulationSingleplayerSkiingSnowboarding
116 N/A N/A ~$ N/A
Lux Ski Jump Cover Image
Ski jumping arcade game with hill creator, online multiplayer, flight style editor, advanced physics and many more.
Lux Ski Jump
Steam Publisher: dpidev Developer: dpidev
Mar 18, 2021
Coming Soon
2D3DAnimation & ModelingArcadeBuildingCharacter CustomizationCity BuilderDesign & IllustrationeSportsFlightImmersive SimIsometricMinimalistPhysicsPixel GraphicsPvPSimulationSkiingSportsStylized
63 N/A N/A ~$ N/A
The Ramp Cover Image
A minimalist digital toy for people who love skateboarding. Pure flow, no extra fluff.
The Ramp
Steam Publisher: Hyperparadise Developer: Hyperparadise
Aug 3, 2021
Coming Soon
18 N/A N/A ~$ N/A
Gustav Vasa: Adventure in the Dales Cover Image
Follow the young nobleman Gustav Eriksson Vasa on his journey to take the Swedish crown. Escape the Danish soldiers on skis through a stunning wintery landscape. Travel from village to village and recruit the Dalesfolk to support you in taking the throne in Stockholm.
Gustav Vasa: Adventure in the Dales
Steam Publisher: Crystalyrian Games Developer: Crystalyrian Games
Jun 2021
Coming Soon
2D3DAction-AdventureAdventureCartoonCartoonyEducationFamily FriendlyHand-drawnHistoricalMedievalNarrationNaturePhysicsRacingRunnerSkiingSnowStylizedThird Person
4 N/A N/A ~$ N/A