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《蜀山:初章》买断版 Cover Image
Steam Publisher: 重楼工作室 Developer: 重楼工作室
Nov 17, 2022
1 year, 8 months ago
3DAdventureAnimeCharacter CustomizationChoose Your Own AdventureExplorationFlightIndieMassively MultiplayerMinimalistMMORPGMythologyOpen WorldProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGSandboxStylizedTradingTraditional Roguelike
17,954 5,791 7/10 ~$2.8 million
Magicraft Cover Image
"Magicraft" is a Roguelike game that uses a variety of spells to match unimaginable spell effects, and the construction of ultra-high degrees of freedom cannot even be exhausted by developers.
Steam Publisher: bilibili Developer: Wave Game
Nov 1, 2023
8 months, 3 weeks ago
Early Access
ActionAddictiveAdventureBullet HellCo-opCraftingDeckbuildingEarly AccessIndieLooter ShooterLovecraftianMagicMultiplayerProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerTop-DownTraditional Roguelike
20,436 6,106 9/10 ~$1.2 million
Low Magic Age Cover Image
Adventure and fight in a medieval fantasy open world! Build heroic characters with various abilities, travel through villages, cities, or perilous dungeons. Strategic turn-based combat system and advanced character building - Fog of war, charging and flanking, and more in the fast-paced Arena mode.
Low Magic Age
Steam Publisher: Low Magic Studios Developer: Low Magic Studios
Jan 10, 2017
7 years, 6 months ago
Early Access
$14.99 $5.99 -60%
AdventureCharacter CustomizationCRPGDungeon CrawlerDungeons & DragonsEarly AccessGrid-Based MovementMedievalOld SchoolParty-Based RPGRoguelikeSandboxStrategy RPGTactical RPGTeam-BasedTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
20,361 2,877 9/10 ~$830,000
Tales of Maj'Eyal Cover Image
Tales of Maj’Eyal is a roguelike RPG, featuring tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building. Play as one of many unique races and classes in the lore-filled world of Eyal, exploring random dungeons, facing challenging battles, and developing characters with your own tailored mix of abilities and powers.
Tales of Maj'Eyal
Steam Publisher: Netcore Games Developer: Netcore Games
Dec 31, 2012
11 years, 6 months ago
2DAdventureCharacter CustomizationDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyIndieLootModdableOpen WorldPerma DeathProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerTacticalTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
17,924 5,321 10/10 ~$710,000
Jupiter Hell Cover Image
True Roguelike. Turn-based shooter. Permadeath. Tribute to the sci-fi classics of the Golden VHS era. Successor to DRL. Just you and your gun against hordes of horrors and monstrosities. Give them hell to the rhythm of heavy metal.
Jupiter Hell
Steam Publisher: Hyperstrange Developer: ChaosForge
Aug 5, 2021
2 years, 11 months ago
DemonsGoreGreat SoundtrackGrid-Based MovementHorrorIndiePerma DeathProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRPGSci-fiShooterSingleplayerStrategyTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatViolent
14,811 1,454 9/10 ~$700,000
ZED ZONE Cover Image
A great catastrophe has come, and you, who are on duty, crash and trapped in a Zed Zone. There are zombies and monsters everywhere, In order to escape, by collecting materials, upgrading skills, building shelters, defeating zombie waves and mysterious mechs, chasing a glimmer of hope.
Steam Publisher: INDIECN Developer: Leven Liu
Mar 29, 2023
1 year, 3 months ago
Early Access
$11.99 $5.99 -50%
2.5D2DActionBuildingCraftingEarly AccessOpen WorldOutbreak SimPixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSandboxSimulationSurvivalTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeWalking SimulatorZombies
25,811 2,835 9/10 ~$650,000
Cogmind Cover Image
Cogmind is a sci-fi roguelike epic in which you play a robot building yourself from components found or salvaged from other robots. Explore a living, breathing world through turn-based tactical combat, or sneak, hack, and fly your way to victory.
Steam Publisher: Grid Sage Games Developer: Grid Sage Games
Oct 16, 2017
6 years, 9 months ago
Early Access
AtmosphericDifficultDungeon CrawlerEarly AccessHackingImmersiveLore-RichPerma DeathProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRobotsRoguelikeRPGSci-fiSingleplayerStealthStory RichStrategyTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
11,019 1,235 10/10 ~$590,000
Dungeons of Dredmor Cover Image
Test your luck and cunning in this exciting RPG as you craft, cast, and pillage your way through Lord Dredmor's Dungeons.
Dungeons of Dredmor
Steam Publisher: Gaslamp Games, Inc. Developer: Gaslamp Games, Inc.
Jul 13, 2011
13 years ago
2DCasualComedyCraftingDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyFunnyIndieModdablePerma DeathProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
N/A 3,519 9/10 ~$540,000
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Cover Image
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) is one of the most successful roguelike games ever created, boasting a brilliant mix of story, RPG, exploration, and intensely strategic & flexible combat. The Steam version adds various features like achievements, difficulty level customization & play modes.
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
Steam Publisher: Assemble Entertainment Developers: Jochen Terstiege, Krzysztof Dycha, Lucas Dieguez, Thomas Biskup, Zeno Rogue
Nov 16, 2015
8 years, 8 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCRPGDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyGrid-Based MovementIndiePerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerStrategyTabletopTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
10,066 1,141 9/10 ~$330,000
Desktop Dungeons Cover Image
Each step into the unknown heals you and reveals new obstacles as you guide fresh heros to glorious retirement or ignominious death. Master tactical spells, appease ancient gods and get rich through taxidermy in this award-winning quick-play puzzle-roguelike.
Desktop Dungeons
Steam Publisher: QCF Design Developer: QCF Design
Apr 18, 2023
1 year, 3 months ago
$14.99 $7.49 -50%
2DAddictiveCasualComedyDifficultDungeon CrawlerDwarfFantasyGreat SoundtrackProcedural GenerationPuzzleReplay ValueResource ManagementRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
12,881 1,100 9/10 ~$320,000
Tangledeep Cover Image
Enter the magical world of Tangledeep, a beautifully polished dungeon crawler inspired by classic 16-bit RPGs! Colorful characters, a unique job system, tons of skills, items, and diverse environments with deep, turn-based roguelike gameplay. A different adventure every time you play!
Steam Publishers: Doyoyo Games, Impact Gameworks Developer: Impact Gameworks
Feb 1, 2018
6 years, 5 months ago
2DColorfulControllerCuteDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyFemale ProtagonistLootMystery DungeonPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRPGTacticalTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
14,447 1,005 9/10 ~$290,000
Rift Wizard Cover Image
Rift Wizard is a tough as nails fantasy roguelike featuring challenging turn based combat and deep open ended character building. Craft your spellbook from over 100 unique spells and abilities and fight your way through a series of procedurally generated challenges to defeat your nemesis.
Rift Wizard
Steam Publisher: Dylan White Developer: Dylan White
Sep 1, 2021
2 years, 10 months ago
2DCharacter CustomizationDungeon CrawlerFantasyIndieMagicMinimalistOld SchoolPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRetroRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerStrategyTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based Combat
4,299 929 9/10 ~$270,000
Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate Cover Image
The Classic Roguelike Wanders Onto Steam! Adventure with Shiren the Wanderer and his sidekick Koppa, the talking ferret, through a world filled with cunning monsters, deadly traps and countless treasure.
Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate
Steam Publisher: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. Developer: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Dec 2, 2020
3 years, 7 months ago
2DAnimeDifficultDungeon CrawlerJRPGMystery DungeonPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
7,808 660 7/10 ~$250,000
Path of Achra Cover Image
Path of Achra is a dark fantasy roguelike of the ancient earth, with a focus on streamlined controls and rapid hero customization. A "broken build sandbox." Fight through the deadly lands of Achra to reach the horrors of the Obelisk, and discover what lies beyond...
Path of Achra
Steam Publisher: Slouching Beast LLC Developer: Ulfsire
May 7, 2024
2 months, 2 weeks ago
2DAuto BattlerCharacter CustomizationDark FantasyDungeon CrawlerMedievalPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based Combat
3,493 1,238 10/10 ~$240,000
UnReal World Cover Image
The cult classic open-ended wilderness survival roguelike RPG taking place in the ancient North. Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its incredible depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. Lose yourself in the most intricate, detailed and enchanting iron-age game world.
UnReal World
Steam Publisher: Enormous Elk Developers: Erkka Lehmus (co-designer), Sami Maaranen (creator)
Feb 26, 2016
8 years, 5 months ago
AdventureBase BuildingBuildingCraftingHistoricalImmersive SimNatureOpen WorldOpen World Survival CraftPerma DeathProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGSandboxSingleplayerStrategySurvivalTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
N/A 1,079 9/10 ~$230,000
One Way Heroics Cover Image
Across all dimensions, the only constant is Darkness! A procedurally generated RPG-roguelike journey across the multiverse! In One Way Heroics, you take on the role of an intrepid adventurer who must travel across the land and face the Demon Lord before a mysterious darkness engulfs everything.
One Way Heroics
Steam Publisher: PLAYISM Developer: Smoking WOLF
Feb 28, 2014
10 years, 4 months ago
2DAdventureAnimeCuteDungeon CrawlerFantasyIndieJRPGMystery DungeonPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRetroRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSide ScrollerSingleplayerTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
11,842 3,369 9/10 ~$230,000
Shattered Pixel Dungeon Cover Image
Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler that's simple to start but hard to master! Every game is a unique challenge, with five different heroes, randomized levels and enemies, and hundreds of items to collect and use.
Shattered Pixel Dungeon
Steam Publisher: Shattered Pixel Developer: Shattered Pixel
Mar 23, 2022
2 years, 4 months ago
2DAdventureCraftingDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyIndieLootMystery DungeonPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based Combat
6,023 1,163 10/10 ~$220,000
Sword of the Stars: The Pit Cover Image
A fun, fast, light-hearted, turn-based RPG, where the tradition of old school dungeon-diving games meets the sci-fi Sword of the Stars universe!
Sword of the Stars: The Pit
Steam Publisher: Kerberos Productions Developer: Kerberos Productions
Feb 21, 2013
11 years, 5 months ago
2DAdventureAliensCraftingDungeon CrawlerLootLore-RichPerma DeathProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGSci-fiStrategyStylizedSupernaturalSurvivalTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyZombies
2,905 1,096 9/10 ~$210,000
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind Cover Image
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind bestows bites of tactical roguelike action, which will quickly fester into a deep, lingering, and strategic obsession. Bargain with gods, equip your spoon and pick your battles, before retreating into the healing darkness. But beware… there are still many monsters to face!
Desktop Dungeons: Rewind
Steam Publishers: indienova, Prismatika Developer: QCF Design
Apr 18, 2023
1 year, 3 months ago
$19.99 $9.99 -50%
ComedyDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyIsometricLootProcedural GenerationPuzzleRemakeReplay ValueResource ManagementRoguelikeRogueliteSoundtrackTactical RPGTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
5,396 464 7/10 ~$180,000
Wayward Cover Image
You awake to discover yourself no longer in the company of good men or a fine seafaring vessel. Treasure... you remember something about treasure. Wayward is a challenging turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. Explore, build, and most importantly survive in these unforgiving lands.
Steam Publisher: Unlok Developer: Unlok
Apr 22, 2016
8 years, 3 months ago
Early Access
2DAdventureCraftingEarly AccessFantasyGrid-Based MovementIndieInventory ManagementMultiplayerOpen WorldOpen World Survival CraftPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRPGSandboxSimulationSurvivalTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
N/A 1,103 9/10 ~$170,000
Prime of Flames Cover Image
This is a special strategy game that combines Wargame and Roguelike. As the guider of the former ancestors, you revived and arrived. In the name of Star Envoy, you leave for the Human camp, and lead the warriors of different clans with talents and abilities to find the truth of history and disaster.
Prime of Flames
Steam Publisher: RAYKA STUDIO Developer: RAYKA STUDIO
Dec 14, 2022
1 year, 7 months ago
2DAdventureAnimeBoard GameCard GameColorfulDeckbuildingHand-drawnMagicRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGSurrealTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
7,065 843 9/10 ~$160,000
Indies' Lies Cover Image
A roguelike deck-building game where you craft a deck, spark talents, discover runes, and assemble your team with partners' cards! Play unique stories for every character and explore a world caught in the clash of gods.
Indies' Lies
Steam Publisher: Erabit Developer: Fun Square Games
Jan 15, 2023
1 year, 6 months ago
2DCard BattlerCard GameDark FantasyDeckbuildingLore-RichMagicMedievalRoguelikeRoguelike DeckbuilderRogueliteSingleplayerSteampunkStory RichStrategyStrategy RPGTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
6,340 558 7/10 ~$160,000
Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos Cover Image
Experience the sequel of the traditional roguelike dungeon-crawling classic. Enjoy unlimited replayability through endless procedurally generated dungeons, countless monsters, grafting, crafting and a vast amount of skill trees. Journey into the ever changing depths of the Caverns of Chaos.
Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos
Steam Publishers: Assemble Entertainment, WhisperGames Developers: Bastian von Gostomski, Björn Loesing, Carola Sochiera, Jochen Terstiege, Krzysztof Dycha, Lucas Dieguez, Thomas Biskup
Aug 25, 2021
2 years, 11 months ago
2.5D3DAdventureCharacter CustomizationControllerCRPGDungeon CrawlerExplorationFantasyIndieOld SchoolRetroRoguelikeRPGStrategyStrategy RPGTactical RPGTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based Strategy
4,396 391 6/10 ~$150,000
Tavern of Gods Cover Image
"Tavern of Gods" is a roguelite auto battle game. Players collect hero skills, followers, and equipment to form various builds to fight with random monsters. Unlock new heros, follower traits and equipment suits, then you can experience more different builds next time.
Tavern of Gods
Steam Publisher: Element Studio Developer: Element Studio
Aug 20, 2021
2 years, 11 months ago
ActionAdventureAuto BattlerCard GameCasualChoices MatterCreature CollectorDeckbuildingDemonsFantasyIndieMagicMythologyParty-Based RPGReplay ValueRoguelikeRogueliteSingleplayerStrategyTraditional Roguelike
4,640 749 7/10 ~$140,000
Soulash 2 Cover Image
Soulash 2 is a sandbox RPG roguelike with a procedurally generated open world, simulated history, skill-based progression system, customizable abilities, material-based crafting, building, trading, and the possibility of total mayhem. Will you save your world or destroy it?
Soulash 2
Steam Publisher: Artur Smiarowski Developer: Artur Smiarowski
Dec 4, 2023
7 months, 3 weeks ago
Early Access
Base BuildingCombatCraftingDark FantasyEarly AccessEconomyExplorationFantasyModdableOpen WorldPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRPGSandboxSimulationSingleplayerSurvivalTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based Combat
7,303 365 9/10 ~$130,000
Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 Cover Image
This is a "Mysterious Dungeon" style roguelike game where the terrain changes with each challenge. Make the monsters your "Friends" and go on a new adventure!
Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2
Aug 26, 2022
1 year, 11 months ago
3DAnimeAtmosphericCuteFantasyHack and SlashIndieMagicMystery DungeonProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
3,258 276 9/10 ~$130,000
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Cover Image
The epitome of a modern traditional roguelike: with turn-based play and a RPG-like skill progression system, it hearkens back to some of the major aspects of this genre. This game has an incredible depth, with a deep inventory system, vehicles and boats, NPCs with their own stories, and more.
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
Steam Publisher: KorGgenT Developer: CleverRaven
Mar 31, 2023
1 year, 3 months ago
2DAdventureAliensExplorationHorrorImmersive SimModdableModernPixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRoguelikeRPGSandboxSci-fiSingleplayerStory RichSurvivalTraditional RoguelikeTranshumanismZombies
4,735 334 9/10 ~$130,000
Rogue Fable III Cover Image
Rogue Fable III is a traditional rogue-like game which combines the depth, complexity, and challenge of the genre classics with a shorter, more tightly focused game length.
Rogue Fable III
Steam Publisher: Pixel Forge Games Developer: Pixel Forge Games
Dec 22, 2021
2 years, 7 months ago
2DAdventureCharacter CustomizationDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyIndieLootPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGTacticalTop-DownTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
2,681 667 9/10 ~$130,000
Soulash Cover Image
Eat the villagers, murder bunnies, milk cows, or exterminate gods! Soulash is a traditional, turn-based roguelike where your goal is to consume the souls of the living, conquer the vast fantasy world and decide its fate.
Steam Publisher: Artur Smiarowski Developer: Artur Smiarowski
Mar 4, 2022
2 years, 4 months ago
CombatCraftingDark FantasyDestructionDifficultFantasyLevel EditorLootModdableOpen WorldPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerTraditional RoguelikeTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatVillain Protagonist
5,976 391 7/10 ~$110,000
The World is Your Weapon Cover Image
Wells, pitfalls, houses, villagers, monsters (!?), anything around you can be a weapon! An action RPG that you've never seen before, you can fight with all the objects you see in the game. There are more than 300 kinds of weapons.Aim to complete the weapon gallery!
The World is Your Weapon
Steam Publisher: DWANGO Co., Ltd. Developer: kagaya
Jun 27, 2019
5 years ago
2DActionAction RPGAddictiveAnimeCuteDungeon CrawlerExplorationFemale ProtagonistFunnyHack and SlashIndieMystery DungeonPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRPGRPGMakerSingleplayerTraditional RoguelikeTurn-Based
3,974 575 10/10 ~$110,000