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Hacknet Cover Image
Hacknet is an immersive, terminal-based hacking simulator for PC. Dive down a rabbit hoIe as you follow the instructions of a recently deceased hacker, whose death may not have been the accident the media reports.
Steam Publisher: Fellow Traveller Developer: Team Fractal Alligator
Aug 12, 2015
5 years, 10 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericChoices MatterCrimeCyberpunkDetectiveDifficultDystopianEducationGreat SoundtrackHackingIndieLogicProgrammingSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerStory RichTyping
69,409 11,253 9/10 ~$2.2 million
Her Story Cover Image
A woman is interviewed seven times by the police. Search the video database and explore hundreds of authentic clips to discover her story in this groundbreaking and award winning narrative game.
Her Story
Steam Publisher: Sam Barlow Developer: Sam Barlow
Jun 24, 2015
6 years ago
CasualConversationCrimeDetectiveEmotionalExperimentalFemale ProtagonistFMVHorrorInteractive FictionInvestigationNonlinearPoint & ClickPsychological HorrorPuzzleSingleplayerStory RichThrillerTypingVisual Novel
25,516 5,612 9/10 ~$1.1 million
Epistory - Typing Chronicles Cover Image
Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric action/adventure game where you play a girl riding a giant fox who fights an insectile corruption from an origami world. As you progress and explore this world, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.
Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Steam Publishers: Fishing Cactus, PID Games Developer: Fishing Cactus
Mar 30, 2016
5 years, 2 months ago
ActionAdventureAtmosphericBeautifulColorfulEducationExplorationFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackIndieIsometricMagicModdableNarrativeOpen WorldRPGSingleplayerStory RichTop-DownTyping
34,836 3,188 9/10 ~$920,000
The Typing of The Dead: Overkill Cover Image
Typing of the dead: Overkill fuses the horror and comedy of the legendary House of the Dead series with unique typing mechanics in order to deliver a truly original gaming experience! This gruesome shooter puts you in the middle of a mutant outbreak in Bayou county.
The Typing of The Dead: Overkill
Steam Publisher: SEGA Developer: Modern Dream
Oct 29, 2013
7 years, 7 months ago
ActionArcadeComedyCo-opEducationFirst-PersonFPSFunnyGoreGreat SoundtrackHorrorMatureMultiplayerOn-Rails ShooterParodyScore AttackShooterSingleplayerTypingZombies
6,394 2,007 9/10 ~$770,000
Cook, Serve, Delicious! Cover Image
One of the few hardcore restaurant sims in existence, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a deceptively easy game to learn but incredibly challenging to master as you progress through your career from owning a terrible zero star cafe into a five star world famous restaurant.
Cook, Serve, Delicious!
Steam Publisher: Vertigo Gaming Inc. Developer: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Oct 8, 2013
7 years, 8 months ago
$9.99 $2.49 -75%
2D4 Player LocalActionArcadeCasualComedyCookingCo-opCuteDifficultFamily FriendlyFunnyLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerManagementSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTime ManagementTyping
6,150 3,261 10/10 ~$620,000
Duskers Cover Image
Pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.
Steam Publisher: Misfits Attic Developer: Misfits Attic
May 18, 2016
5 years, 1 month ago
2DAtmosphericDifficultExplorationHackingHorrorIndieProcedural GenerationProgrammingPuzzleRoguelikeSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerSpaceStrategySurvivalSurvival HorrorTyping
27,834 1,494 9/10 ~$570,000
Event[0] Cover Image
Event[0] is a sci-fi narrative exploration game where you build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home to Earth.
Steam Publisher: Ocelot Society Developer: Ocelot Society
Sep 14, 2016
4 years, 9 months ago
AdventureArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericChoices MatterDynamic NarrationExplorationFirst-PersonHorrorIndieMultiple EndingsMysteryNarrationSci-fiShortSingleplayerSpaceStory RichText-BasedTypingWalking Simulator
22,619 1,199 7/10 ~$460,000
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Cover Image
The highest selling and most intense restaurant sim ever made is back! Deceptively easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! is your journey of being the best chef in the world with your small but humble restaurant on the 50th floor of the Teragon Supertower.
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
Steam Publisher: Vertigo Gaming Inc. Developer: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Sep 13, 2017
3 years, 9 months ago
$12.99 $3.24 -75%
2DActionAlternate HistoryArcadeCasualColorfulComedyCo-opCo-op CampaignDifficultFamily FriendlyFunnyLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerManagementMultiplayerSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTyping
9,645 1,740 9/10 ~$430,000
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Cover Image
Cook, serve and manage your food truck as you dish out hundreds of different foods across war-torn America in this massive sequel to the million-selling series!
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
Steam Publisher: Vertigo Gaming Inc. Developer: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Oct 14, 2020
8 months, 1 week ago
$19.99 $11.99 -40%
2DActionArcadeCasualComedyCo-opCo-op CampaignDifficultFamily FriendlyFast-PacedFunnyLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerManagementMultiplayerPost-apocalypticSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTyping
5,182 1,099 10/10 ~$420,000
Emily is Away <3 Cover Image
Emily <3 is a brand new story set on an old-new social media. Customize your facenook profile, send some friend requests and determine the outcome of your senior year.
Emily is Away <3
Steam Publisher: Kyle Seeley Developer: Kyle Seeley
Apr 16, 2021
2 months, 1 week ago
2DAdventureCasualChoices MatterChoose Your Own AdventureConversationCuteDating SimEmotionalHorrorIndieMultiple EndingsNostalgiaRomanceRPGSimulationSingleplayerStory RichTypingVisual Novel
8,027 1,891 10/10 ~$360,000
Quadrilateral Cowboy Cover Image
When you have a top-of-the-line hacking deck armed with a 56.6k modem and a staggering 256k RAM, it means just one thing: you answer only to the highest bidder.
Quadrilateral Cowboy
Steam Publisher: Blendo Games Developer: Blendo Games
Jul 25, 2016
4 years, 11 months ago
ActionAdventureAnimeAtmosphericCasualCyberpunkExplorationFemale ProtagonistFirst-PersonHackingHeistImmersive SimIndieProgrammingPuzzleSci-fiShortSingleplayerStory RichTyping
9,456 635 9/10 ~$240,000
Slash It 2 Cover Image
Slash It 2 is a 2D colorful arcade game. The goal is to press letters, numbers and type words in the right time and direction.
Slash It 2
Steam Publisher: EGAMER Developer: EGAMER
Jan 24, 2017
4 years, 5 months ago
865 808 9/10 ~$170,000
Buddy Simulator 1984 Cover Image
Thanks to next generation AI technology, BUDDY SIMULATOR 1984 simulates the experience of hanging out with a best buddy! Your buddy learns from you, constantly adapting to your interests and personality. But most importantly, your buddy can play games with you!
Buddy Simulator 1984
Steam Publisher: Not a Sailor Studios Developer: Not a Sailor Studios
Feb 18, 2021
4 months ago
1980s2DAdventureAtmosphericCasualChoose Your Own AdventureCuteExplorationHorrorIndieInteractive FictionPixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorRetroRPGSimulationSingleplayerStory RichText-BasedTyping
4,425 832 10/10 ~$160,000
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia Cover Image
Dodge bullets while typing exorcisms at the very same time: Get ready for an electrifying mix between bullet hell and typing game! Turn on both sides of your brain and jump into the adventure of private exorcist Ray Bibbia!
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia
Steam Publisher: Headup Developer: MorbidWare
Feb 14, 2019
2 years, 4 months ago
2DActionAtmosphericBeautifulBullet HellDark HumorDemonsDifficultFunnyGameMakerGoreGreat SoundtrackIndiePixel GraphicsRetroSingleplayerStory RichTyping
3,146 523 9/10 ~$150,000
Slash It Cover Image
Slash It is a 2D colorful arcade game. The goal is to match shapes, press letters and numbers in the right time and direction.
Slash It
Steam Publisher: EGAMER Developer: EGAMER
Dec 16, 2016
4 years, 6 months ago
ActionCasualGreat SoundtrackIndieTyping
557 694 9/10 ~$150,000
Nanotale - Typing Chronicles Cover Image
Something is wrong with the heart of magic. Play a young archivist venturing out into a dying world, cataloging its mysteries and its wonders to unearth the truth. Nanotale is the new adventure from the Typing Chronicles franchise and the spiritual successor to the acclaimed Epistory.
Nanotale - Typing Chronicles
Steam Publishers: 2PGames, Fishing Cactus, PID Games Developer: Fishing Cactus
Mar 31, 2021
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Action RPGAdventureAtmosphericBeautifulColorfulExplorationFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackIndieMagicNarrationPuzzleRelaxingRPGStory RichTyping
7,537 340 9/10 ~$130,000
Slash It Ultimate Cover Image
Play the rhythm of a song through various game modes and compete with other players!
Slash It Ultimate
Steam Publisher: EGAMER Developer: EGAMER
Jul 14, 2017
3 years, 11 months ago
949 362 7/10 ~$76,000
TARTARUS Cover Image
Can the cook save the ship?
Steam Publisher: Abyss Gameworks Developer: Abyss Gameworks
Nov 21, 2017
3 years, 7 months ago
ActionAdventureAtmosphericDifficultExplorationFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackHackingHorrorIndieOld SchoolPuzzleSci-fiSingleplayerSpaceStory RichSurvivalThrillerTypingViolent
6,608 175 6/10 ~$67,000
MHRD Cover Image
MHRD is a hardware design game, in which you design various hardware circuits in a hardware description language. The hardware circuits you design get more complex as you go until you create a fully functional CPU design.
Steam Publisher: Funghisoft Developer: Funghisoft
Jan 5, 2017
4 years, 5 months ago
3,163 301 9/10 ~$58,000
Mainlining Cover Image
After MI7 has been hacked, your primary goal is to bring a cyber-criminal network to justice. Played entirely from within the environment of your computer's desktop, Mainlining is a thrilling point and click hacking adventure that features a gripping narrative which will have you hooked from the very first case.
Steam Publisher: Merge Games Developer: Rebelephant
Jan 26, 2017
4 years, 4 months ago
2DAdventureGreat SoundtrackHackingIndieMemesPixel GraphicsPoint & ClickProgrammingPuzzleSimulationSingleplayerStory RichTyping
4,124 213 7/10 ~$53,000
Type:Rider Cover Image
In this platform game you embody ":" ready to travel through the History of typography, from it's origin to today! Overcome obstacles, escape your enemies and collect asterisks, but beware not to fall down! Will you come out of this journey unscathed?
Steam Publisher: ARTE France Developers: ARTE France, Ex Nihilo
Nov 6, 2013
7 years, 7 months ago
2D2D PlatformerActionAdventureAtmosphericBeautifulCasualEducationHistoricalIndiePhysicsPlatformerPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerShortSingleplayerStory RichStylizedText-BasedTyping
1,319 466 9/10 ~$45,000
Progressbar95 Cover Image
Progressbar95 is a unique nostalgic game. It turns vintage GUI elements like panels, buttons and icons into game elements! Fights againts virtual office assistans, calculators, annoying pop-ups and maddening visual glitches.
Steam Publisher: Spooky House Studios UG haftungsbeschraenkt Developer: Igor Uduslivii
Sep 8, 2020
9 months, 2 weeks ago
1990's2DAbstractArcadeCartoonyCasualCuteExperimentalFunnyLife SimLogicManagementMinimalistOld SchoolParodyPixel GraphicsPuzzleRetroTower DefenseTyping
887 435 9/10 ~$42,000
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered Cover Image
The grim reapers Grimm and Rose need your help to defeat a legion of monsters, ghosts, and evil bunnies using the power of words! Letter Quest Remastered is the remake of the Bacon Bandits' first game, now with an endless mode, new soundtrack, and fully animated monsters!
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
Steam Publisher: Digerati Developer: Bacon Bandit Games
Aug 5, 2015
5 years, 10 months ago
CasualCuteIndiePuzzleRPGSpellingTypingWord Game
N/A 229 9/10 ~$35,000
HACK_IT Cover Image
HACK_IT presents players with a fully immersive hacking experience, you’ll meet characters and find out things you never imagined. Including interactive apps that will give you the power to shutdown servers and retrieve passwords.
Steam Publisher: Dan_D Developer: Dan_D
May 5, 2016
5 years, 1 month ago
2DActionAdventureAtmosphericCasualCrimeGreat SoundtrackHackingIndieInteractive FictionPuzzleRelaxingRPGShortSimulationSingleplayerStory RichStrategyTypingVisual Novel
1,387 128 5/10 ~$34,000
Comet 64 Cover Image
Comet 64 is a programming puzzle game. The year is 1984. All you got is a Comet 64 home computer and the operator's manual it came with.
Comet 64
Steam Publisher: what sorceress this Developer: Onur Ayas
Feb 5, 2021
4 months, 2 weeks ago
1980s2DAutomationBuildingDifficultEducationHackingIndieLogicMinimalistOld SchoolProgrammingPuzzleRetroSandboxScienceSimulationSingleplayerText-BasedTyping
2,307 94 7/10 ~$27,000
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Cover Image
Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Scrabble with an RPG? Now you don't have to, because Letter Quest is here! Help Grimm and Rose, a couple of adorable grim reapers, defeat monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies and more using the power of words!
Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey
Steam Publisher: Digerati Developer: Bacon Bandit Games
Nov 20, 2014
6 years, 7 months ago
CasualIndiePuzzleRPGSingleplayerSpellingTouch-FriendlyTypingWord Game
1,072 169 9/10 ~$26,000
Words for Evil Cover Image
Words for Evil is a fast paced word game combined with a fantasy RPG. It features everything you expect from an RPG, including combat, hero progression, loot and more, all built on top of word game mechanics.
Words for Evil
Steam Publisher: Dylan Loney Developer: Dylan Loney
Aug 12, 2014
6 years, 10 months ago
ActionAdventureCasualIndiePixel GraphicsRPGSingleplayerSpellingTypingWord Game
1,774 325 7/10 ~$19,000
Typer Shark! Deluxe Cover Image
Sink your teeth into an action-packed educational adventure. Hungry sharks and piranhas are on the hunt for food as you SCUBA dive into the deep blue unknown. But if you can type words fast enough, they'll be zapped before they can turn you into lunch.
Typer Shark! Deluxe
Steam Publisher: PopCap Games, Inc. Developer: PopCap Games, Inc.
Aug 30, 2006
14 years, 9 months ago
195 178 9/10 ~$17,000
Don't Forget Me Cover Image
A jazz-punk adventure game with a twist, Don’t Forget Me is a new breed of puzzle game. Dive into the memories of your patients, use your own observations to unwrap their minds and uncover a dark conspiracy set to claim dominion over humanity.
Don't Forget Me
Steam Publisher: The Moon Pirates Developer: The Moon Pirates
Apr 20, 2021
2 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericCyberpunkDetectiveFemale ProtagonistIndieInvestigationMysteryNoirPhilosophicalPixel GraphicsPoint & ClickRetroSci-fiSingleplayerSoundtrackStory RichTypingViolentWord Game
1,816 45 7/10 ~$13,000
Backspace Bouken Cover Image
Type your way through absurd encounters and mysterious puzzles in this old-school typing dungeon crawler.
Backspace Bouken
Steam Publisher: RNG Party Games Developer: RNG Party Games
Dec 13, 2019
1 year, 6 months ago
ActionAction-AdventureAction RPGAdventureComedyDifficultDungeon CrawlerExplorationFantasyFemale ProtagonistFunnyGreat SoundtrackIndieJRPGPixel GraphicsRetroRPGSingleplayerTurn-BasedTyping
543 38 8/10 ~$11,000