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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Cover Image
A time of untold chaos has come. Mighty forces clash behind the scenes in a struggle for power and influence. The Northern Kingdoms mobilize for war. But armies on the march are not enough to stop a bloody conspiracy...
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition
Steam Publishers: 1C-SoftClub, CD PROJEKT RED Developer: CD PROJEKT RED
May 17, 2011
10 years, 1 month ago
ActionAdventureAtmosphericBased On A NovelChoices MatterDarkDark FantasyDifficultFantasyMagicMatureMedievalMultiple EndingsNudityOpen WorldRPGSingleplayerStory RichThird PersonWell-Written
88,757 57,930 9/10 ~$22 million
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Cover Image
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition includes Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and all nine content packs.
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition
Steam Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: BioWare
Oct 26, 2010
10 years, 8 months ago
AdventureCharacter CustomizationChoices MatterClassicDark FantasyDragonsFantasyFemale ProtagonistMatureModdableMultiple EndingsOpen WorldParty-Based RPGReal-Time with PauseRPGSingleplayerStory RichStrategyTacticalWell-Written
25,071 13,191 9/10 ~$7.6 million
The Wolf Among Us Cover Image
From the makers of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, comes a thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic books. As Bigby Wolf you will discover that a brutal, bloody murder is just a taste of things to come in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences.
The Wolf Among Us
Steam Publisher: Telltale Developer: Telltale
Oct 11, 2013
7 years, 8 months ago
ActionAdventureAtmosphericChoose Your Own AdventureCinematicComic BookDarkDetectiveEpisodicFantasyGreat SoundtrackMatureMysteryNoirNudityPoint & ClickQuick-Time EventsSingleplayerStory RichWell-Written
38,516 20,788 10/10 ~$6 million
Waking Mars Cover Image
In 2097, life is discovered on Mars. When your mission of first contact becomes trapped by a cave-in, you must master the alien ecosystem to survive. Soon you stumble upon more than anyone expected, and with time running out, you will make a decision that determines the fate of a lost planet.
Waking Mars
Steam Publisher: Tiger Style Developer: Tiger Style
Dec 13, 2012
8 years, 6 months ago
2DActionAdventureAtmosphericExplorationIndieMarsMetroidvaniaMultiple EndingsNaturePlatformerPuzzleSci-fiSide ScrollerSingleplayerSpaceStory RichWell-Written
3,581 593 9/10 ~$110,000
El Tango de la Muerte Cover Image
Do the tango to win the heart of your loved one! Each song in this casual RHYTHM game will unveil the story of Luciano and Martita. Influenced by games like OSU and Crypt of the Necrodancer, with a pinch of melodramatic humor, inspired by the best Latin American soap operas!
El Tango de la Muerte
Steam Publisher: Hernán Smicht Developers: Hernán Smicht, YIRA::
Apr 24, 2018
3 years, 2 months ago
2DAtmosphericCasualCatsComedyCrimeDramaFunnyGreat SoundtrackIndieMusicNarrationRetroRhythmRomanceSingleplayerSoundtrackStory RichThird PersonWell-Written
1,156 155 9/10 ~$15,000
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game Cover Image
Hitchhiker is a mystery game set along lost highways, where your goal is to solve the puzzle of your own backstory.
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game
Steam Publisher: Versus Evil Developer: Mad About Pandas
Apr 15, 2021
2 months, 1 week ago
AdventureAtmosphericConversationDarkDramaEmotionalFirst-PersonIndieInteractive FictionMatureMysteryNarrationPhilosophicalPsychologicalShortSingleplayerStory RichSurrealVisual NovelWell-Written
1,087 34 7/10 ~$9,800
MASAGORO Cover Image
There is an abandoned Ryokan called "Masagoro" that was closed in the early Showa period. He was locked up in Masagoro where he has got interested to explore. The past of Masagoro has been revealed everytime he found some clues in the residuals.
Steam Publisher: DorsalFin Studio Developer: DorsalFin Studio
Mar 26, 2021
3 months ago
3DAdventureFirst-PersonGoreHorrorIndiePsychological HorrorSingleplayerStory RichViolentWalking SimulatorWell-Written
209 31 7/10 ~$7,700
High School of Memories Cover Image
Meet Haru Takahashi, a first-year high school student from America with natural blonde hair! As he goes to school at Kaisouroku High School, he's bound to meet lots of wonderful classmates and experience all the excitement of living in Japan, the land of his dreams!
High School of Memories
Steam Publisher: Kaisouroku Games Developer: Kaisouroku Games
Oct 7, 2020
8 months, 2 weeks ago
AnimeCartoonCartoonyCasualColorfulComedyCuteEducationFaithFamily FriendlyFantasyFunnyJRPGLife SimNarrationRelaxingSingleplayerStory RichVisual NovelWell-Written
64 1 0/10 ~$290
Heroes of Shaola Cover Image
Venture through a corrupt medieval world filled with action, drama and political incorrectness, where opposing factions try to outwit each other.
Heroes of Shaola
Steam Publishers: Opium Pulses Entertainment, Smiling Dragon RPG Studios Developer: Smiling Dragon RPG Studios
Aug 1, 2019
1 year, 10 months ago
2.5DActionAdventureAtmosphericChoices MatterCRPGExplorationFantasyIndieIsometricMultiple EndingsParty-Based RPGReplay ValueRomanceRPGSingleplayerStory RichTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatWell-Written
91 2 0/10 ~$190
The Unknown Sock | Interactive Comedy
Steam Publisher: Bmc Studio Developer: Bmc Studio
Oct 19, 2020
8 months, 1 week ago
ActionAdventureChoices MatterComedyDark ComedyDark HumorDating SimExperimentalFunnyInteractive FictionInvestigationMemesMultiple EndingsPoint & ClickRomanceSocial DeductionStory RichSurvivalVisual NovelWell-Written
41 4 0/10 ~$150
[Single player JRPG] Take your cat on a time-traveling adventure!
Steam Publisher: WFS, Inc. Developer: WFS, Inc.
Mar 30, 2021
2 months, 3 weeks ago
2.5DAdventureAnimeCatsCuteFantasyFree to PlayJRPGParty-Based RPGRetroRPGSci-fiSingleplayerSoundtrackStory RichTime TravelTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based TacticsWell-Written
4,085 580 6/10 ~$0
MetaWare High School (Demo) Cover Image
How do you see the world when nothing is real?
MetaWare High School (Demo)
Steam Publisher: Not Fun Games Developer: Not Fun Games
Apr 2, 2020
1 year, 2 months ago
AnimeCuteDating SimEmotionalExperimentalFree to PlayFunnyIndieLGBTQ+Multiple EndingsNarrativePhilosophicalPsychologicalPsychological HorrorSatireSingleplayerStory RichSurrealVisual NovelWell-Written
711 497 9/10 ~$0
Winter Voices Cover Image
A unique adventure, a stunning scenario to discover in one season!
Winter Voices
Steam Publisher: Clara Lehenaff Developer: Clara Lehenaff
Oct 29, 2010
10 years, 7 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericFemale ProtagonistIndieIsometricPsychologicalRPGSingleplayerStory RichTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyWell-Written
N/A 233 6/10 ~$0
Starstruck: Prologue Cover Image
The first act of a story-rich rhythm adventure where you play guitar and abuse time travel! Switch between a giant hand destroying a miniature model world and the two guitarist kids living in it. You can even play with a Guitar Hero controller!
Starstruck: Prologue
Steam Publisher: Createdelic, LLC Developer: Createdelic, LLC
May 12, 2020
1 year, 1 month ago
AdventureCasualComedyDifficultExperimentalExplorationFree to PlayGreat SoundtrackIndieMusicPhysicsPsychedelicPsychological HorrorRhythmRock MusicRPGStory RichSurrealTime TravelWell-Written
558 180 9/10 ~$0
Letters - a written adventure Cover Image
Letters is a fun word puzzle game about friendship, growing up and finding your place in life. Follow Sarah, a shy girl from Switzerland, by moving through her pen pal letters and chat messages. Use the power of words to solve riddles, interact with her friends and decide who she will grow up to be.
Letters - a written adventure
Steam Publishers: 5am Games GmbH, PID Games Developer: 5am Games GmbH
Late 2021 - Wishlist now!
Coming Soon
AdventureAtmosphericCasualChoices MatterColorfulCuteDynamic NarrationFamily FriendlyFemale ProtagonistFunnyHand-drawnIndieMultiple EndingsPixel GraphicsPuzzlePuzzle PlatformerSingleplayerStory RichWell-WrittenWord Game
722 N/A N/A ~$ N/A
Starstruck: Hands of Time Cover Image
A story-rich rhythm adventure where you play guitar and abuse time travel! Switch between a giant hand destroying a miniature model world and the two guitarist kids living in it. You can even play with a Guitar Hero controller!
Starstruck: Hands of Time
Steam Publisher: Createdelic, LLC Developer: Createdelic, LLC
Coming Soon
ActionCartoonyComedyDifficultExperimentalExplorationIndieMusicNarrativeNonlinearPhysicsPsychedelicPsychological HorrorRhythmRock MusicShortStory RichSurrealTime TravelWell-Written
677 N/A N/A ~$ N/A
Rocco's Island: Ring to End the Pain Cover Image
Join Evelyn on her quest to save a mysterious island in a puzzle-based atmospheric adventure with a story that spans across 30,000 years of time. Interact with fantastic characters to learn past secrets and transform the Four Elements’ kingdoms, leading up to an epic finale with shocking reveals.
Rocco's Island: Ring to End the Pain
Steam Publisher: Cogoo Developer: Cogoo
Summer 2021
Coming Soon
2DAbstractAdventureAtmosphericCasualColorfulConversationExplorationFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistHand-drawnHidden ObjectInteractive FictionMatch 3Point & ClickPuzzleStory RichStylizedWell-Written
64 N/A N/A ~$ N/A