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Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1684120/

Short Description: A semi-linear visual novel featuring an autistic teenage girl. Written by a Quebecer autistic woman and voiced entirely in French by the very talented Chloé Guerin! "My name is Alice Lorange. Yes, like an orange." As the title suggests, this story contains magical girls.

Platforms: Windows Mac Linux

Publisher: Mia

Developer: Mia

Release: Nov 6, 2021 (4 weeks ago)

Price: $9.99

Reviews: 1

Score: 0/10

Followers: 57

Tags: 2D Anime Atmospheric Casual Choices Matter Choose Your Own Adventure Colorful Cute Emotional Female Protagonist Interactive Fiction Magic Modern Multiple Endings Psychological Horror Short Singleplayer Story Rich Text-Based Visual Novel

Genres: Casual, Indie


Revenue Estimate: ~$190

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