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Short Description: When the harshness of the sea meets the cruelties of war, a challenge for perseverance makes itself known. And it is like none other.Welcome to Aircraft Carrier Survival, a simulator set in the merciless reality of World War II, where your prowess as a commander decides the fate of a naval behemoth.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: CreativeForge Games

Developer: CreativeForge Games

Release: Mar 31, 2021 (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Price: $0.00

Reviews: 488

Score: 7/10

Followers: 4,534

Tags: 3D Action Card Game Combat Grand Strategy Immersive Sim Jet Management Naval Naval Combat Realistic Real Time Tactics Sandbox Simulation Singleplayer Strategy Survival War Wargame World War II

Genres: Action, Simulation


Revenue Estimate: ~$0

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