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Short Description: An immersive, idiosyncratic RPG. To atone for past sins and bring light to his godless world, a holy knight and his tamed-bandit apprentice quest through their dreams, facing turn-based battles against monsters made of dark thoughts that they can either destroy or tame into temporary allies.


Publisher: Tobias Cornwall

Developer: Tobias Cornwall

Release: TBD Coming Soon

Price: N/A

Reviews: N/A

Score: N/A

Followers: 15

Tags: 3D Adventure Atmospheric Colorful Comedy Fantasy Funny Immersive Indie JRPG Lore-Rich Party-Based RPG RPG Story Rich Stylized Supernatural Third Person Top-Down Turn-Based Combat Turn-Based Tactics

Genres: Adventure, Indie, RPG


Revenue Estimate: ~$ N/A

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