BioGun: Clinical Trial – Stats on Steam


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Short Description: Prologue version of the game BioGun.Get injected into the microscopic world. Face viral threats and winding corridors on your mission to save man’s best friend from the inside. Will you be the vaccine to save dog-kind from extinction?

Platforms: Windows Linux

Publisher: Ravenage Games

Developer: Dapper Dog Digital

Release: Jan 26, 2024 (1 month, 1 week ago)

Price: $0.00

Reviews: 235

Score: 9/10

Followers: 825

Tags: 2D 2D Platformer Action Action-Adventure Adventure Atmospheric Cartoony Colorful Cute Emotional Exploration Hand-drawn Metroidvania Open World Shoot 'Em Up Side Scroller Singleplayer Story Rich Stylized Twin Stick Shooter

Genres: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie


Revenue Estimate: ~$0

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