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Short Description: Indebted to the wrong people, with his life on the line, veteran of the U.S. Cavalry and now hired gun, Booker DeWitt has only one opportunity to wipe his slate clean. He must rescue Elizabeth, a mysterious girl imprisoned since childhood and locked up in the flying city of Columbia.

Platforms: Windows Mac Linux

Publisher: 2K

Developers: Irrational Games, Virtual Programming (Linux)

Release: Mar 25, 2013 (9 years, 4 months ago)

Price: $29.99 $7.49 -75%

Reviews: 93,541

Score: 10/10

Followers: N/A

Tags: Action Adventure Alternate History Atmospheric Beautiful Dystopian Fantasy First-Person FPS Gore Great Soundtrack Immersive Linear RPG Sci-fi Shooter Singleplayer Steampunk Story Rich Time Travel

Genres: Action


Revenue Estimate: ~$54 million

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