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Short Description: Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a single player survivor-like auto-shooter. Wield the full arsenal of Deep Rock Galactic, take on hordes of lethal aliens, mine riches, and unlock powerful upgrades. It's one dwarf against all of Planet Hoxxes!

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Ghost Ship Publishing

Developer: Funday Games

Release: Feb 14, 2024 (2 weeks, 6 days ago) Early Access

Price: $9.99

Reviews: 14,853

Score: 9/10

Followers: 57,896

Tags: Action Action Roguelike Aliens Arcade Arena Shooter Atmospheric Bullet Hell Combat Dark Dwarf Early Access Procedural Generation PvE Roguelite Sci-fi Score Attack Singleplayer Space Top-Down Top-Down Shooter

Genres: Action, Early Access


Revenue Estimate: ~$2.8 million

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