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Short Description: Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a fast-paced stealth platformer game where you become Ayana, the last descendant of a forgotten race. Harness mystical shadow powers, high-tech gadgets and avoid or kill to uncover the truth about your past and the key to saving a dying, morally grey universe.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Baby Robot Games

Developer: Baby Robot Games

Release: Apr 10, 2024 (5 days, 12 hours ago)

Price: $24.99 $22.49 -10%

Reviews: 57

Score: 9/10

Followers: 4,934

Tags: 3D Platformer Action-Adventure Adventure Assassin Choices Matter Dark Dystopian Exploration Female Protagonist Indie Multiple Endings Platformer Robots Sci-fi Singleplayer Stealth Story Rich Stylized Supernatural Third Person

Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie


Revenue Estimate: ~$27,000

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