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Short Description: Immerse yourself in the dangerous and thrilling world of the Forbidden Zone, a vast open world multiplayer survival game where your main objective is to outwit, outplay and outlast. Falls before Autumn 2023.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: MicroBot Games

Developer: MicroBot Games

Release: Aug 30, 2023 (1 month ago) Early Access

Price: $4.99

Reviews: 1

Score: 0/10

Followers: 58

Tags: Action Action-Adventure Arena Shooter Base Building Battle Royale Character Customization Early Access First-Person FPS Looter Shooter MMORPG Open World Post-apocalyptic PvE PvP Shooter Strategy Third Person Third-Person Shooter Wargame

Genres: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation


Revenue Estimate: ~$95

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