FPS Tactics – Stats on Steam


Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1576790/

Short Description: Control a group of special agents, find a monster on the map and place the agents so that they can defeat the monster

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: FPS Tactics

Developer: FPS Tactics

Release: Apr 5, 2021 (1 week, 4 days ago)

Price: $9.99

Reviews: 1

Score: 0/10

Followers: 20

Tags: 3D 3D Platformer Action RPG Action RTS Exploration First-Person FPS Hack and Slash Immersive Sim Investigation Military Physics Platformer RTS Shoot 'Em Up Stealth Strategy Strategy RPG Tactical RPG Tower Defense

Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$190

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