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Short Description: Crazy cultists. Cthulhu. A talking cat. Gibbous takes you on an expansive, traditionally animated, hand-painted adventure. Play as three protagonists and explore a lushly rendered Lovecraft-inspired world, unraveling ancient conspiracies. A comedy cosmic horror adventure made in Transylvania!

Platforms: Windows Mac Linux

Publisher: Stuck In Attic

Developer: Stuck In Attic

Release: Aug 7, 2019 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Price: $19.99

Reviews: 1,041

Score: 9/10

Followers: 11,383

Tags: Adventure Cartoon Cats Comedy Family Friendly Fantasy Funny Gothic Hand-drawn Indie Lovecraftian Noir Point & Click Puzzle Retro Sci-fi Singleplayer Steampunk Story Rich Visual Novel

Genres: Adventure, Indie


Revenue Estimate: ~$400,000

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