Gunslingers & Zombies – Stats on Steam


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Short Description: Face Zombie Apocalypse in Wild West. Manage your crew in a Turn-based strategy and adventure game. Survive, scavenge, explore the world. Use different talents of your team members and develop your tactics. Resolve the zombie mystery.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Gaming Factory S.A.

Developer: Live Motion Games

Release: Jan 15, 2021 (4 days, 4 hours ago) Early Access

Price: $5.99 $4.79 -20%

Reviews: 5

Score: 0/10

Followers: 1,473

Tags: Action Adventure Atmospheric Cartoony Colorful Early Access Hex Grid Indie Isometric Shooter Singleplayer Strategy Survival Team-Based Turn-Based Turn-Based Combat Turn-Based Strategy Turn-Based Tactics Western Zombies

Genres: Action Games, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$570