Hop Step Sing! VR Live 《Hop★Summer Tour 2020》 – Stats on Steam


Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1574470/

Short Description: Hop Step Sing!'s first VR live performance, 《Hop★Summer Tour 2020》is now available on Steam! Put on your VR goggles and enjoy the 360-degree immersive live concert experience you had never seen before!

Platforms: Windows VR Supported

Publisher: Degica

Developers: Kodansha, Kodansha VR Lab

Release: Apr 1, 2021 (2 weeks, 1 day ago)

Price: $29.99

Reviews: 20

Score: 8/10

Followers: 157

Tags: Anime Casual Cute Female Protagonist VR

Genres: Casual


Revenue Estimate: ~$11,000

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