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Short Description: Confront various terrains as a lonely mountaineer and endure the countless dangers of climbing! Many tough decisions await you in a risky environment. Make your way up and down the mountain, overcoming insurmountable heights!

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: ByteRockers' Games

Developer: ByteRockers' Games

Release: Apr 29, 2021 (2 weeks, 2 days ago)

Price: $19.99

Reviews: 161

Score: 9/10

Followers: 5,636

Tags: Abstract Adventure Atmospheric Choices Matter Exploration Indie Management Nature Perma Death Replay Value Resource Management Roguelike Simulation Singleplayer Strategy Stylized Survival Tactical Text-Based Turn-Based Tactics

Genres: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$62,000

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