Lords Of The Fallen™ – Stats on Steam


Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/265300/

Short Description: The Demonic Rhogar army is re-emerging from its dark realm. Harkyn, a convicted criminal rejected by society is the world’s last hope for salvation. Plunge into a fantasy action RPG using powerful magic alongside a complex and satisfying melee combat system.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: CI Games

Developers: CI Games, Deck 13

Release: Oct 28, 2014 (6 years, 4 months ago)

Price: $29.99

Reviews: 9,923

Score: 6/10

Followers: 80,163

Tags: Action Action RPG Adventure Atmospheric Casual Dark Fantasy Difficult Fantasy Great Soundtrack Hack and Slash Horror Magic Medieval Multiplayer Open World RPG Singleplayer Souls-like Story Rich Third Person

Genres: Action, RPG


Revenue Estimate: ~$5.7 million