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Short Description: Magic Trick is a magical skateboarding adventure game about community! As the new WizKid in town, perform spells using rad skating combos, explore the whimsical Sunset Isles, and socialize with adorable townsfolk who could use more magic in their lives!


Publisher: L8r Sk8rs Studios

Developer: L8r Sk8rs Studios

Release: May 2021 Coming Soon

Price: N/A

Reviews: N/A

Score: N/A

Followers: 5

Tags: 3D 3D Platformer Action-Adventure Adventure Cartoony Casual Collectathon Colorful Cute Exploration Funny LGBTQ+ Magic Open World Platformer Relaxing Skateboarding Skating Stylized Third Person

Genres: Adventure, Casual, Indie


Revenue Estimate: ~$ N/A

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