Midnight Castle Succubus DX – Stats on Steam


Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1299320/

Short Description: A succubus issues threats against humanity once every 100 years. While men die and young women disappear one by one, a succubus hunter visits a cursed city under the moonlight. Let's rescue abducted girls and defeat the succubus!

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Critical Bliss

Developers: Libra Heart, pixelteishoku

Release: Sep 18, 2020 (7 months ago)

Price: $12.99

Reviews: 556

Score: 9/10

Followers: 9,032

Tags: 2D 2D Platformer Action Action-Adventure Adventure Anime Fantasy Female Protagonist Hentai Mature Metroidvania NSFW Nudity Pixel Graphics Platformer Retro RPG Sexual Content Singleplayer

Genres: Action, Adventure, RPG


Revenue Estimate: ~$140,000

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