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Short Description: Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter. Not 'the final hope of humanity' post-apocalyptic, but 'humanity is extinct and mutants and monsters now roam the world' post-apocalyptic. Fight your way through the wastelands with powerful weaponry, collecting radiation to mutate some new limbs and abilities.

Platforms: Windows Mac Linux

Publisher: Vlambeer

Developer: Vlambeer

Release: Dec 5, 2015 (5 years, 2 months ago)

Price: $11.99

Reviews: 10,293

Score: 10/10

Followers: N/A

Tags: 2D Action Action Roguelike Bullet Hell Difficult Great Soundtrack Indie Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Perma Death Pixel Graphics Post-apocalyptic Roguelike Roguelite RPG Shooter Singleplayer Top-Down Top-Down Shooter Twin Stick Shooter

Genres: Action, Indie, RPG


Revenue Estimate: ~$2.4 million