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Short Description: A sci-fi turn-based 4X strategy game where you lead the fate of one of several factions divided between three races. Explore new worlds and new star systems filled with exciting secrets as well as dangers. Build cities, expand your influence and fight great battles on land and in space.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive

Developer: Grey Wolf Entertainment

Release: Apr 28, 2020 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Price: $24.99

Reviews: 305

Score: 6/10

Followers: 12,017

Tags: 4X Building Choices Matter Classic Diplomacy Early Access Exploration Grand Strategy Indie Management Military Politics Procedural Generation Sci-fi Singleplayer Space Strategy Turn-Based Turn-Based Combat Turn-Based Strategy

Genres: Indie, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$150,000

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