Punk Wars – Stats on Steam


Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1541790/

Short Description: Our civilization has fallen. From the ashes, four new powers emerge. Immerse yourself in a combat-heavy twist on a classic turn-based 4X strategy where steam, steel, atom and diesel-punk corporations clash to spread their technology and the way of life.


Publishers: Jujubee S.A., Strategy Forge S.A.

Developer: Strategy Forge S.A.

Release: 2021 Coming Soon

Price: N/A

Reviews: N/A

Score: N/A

Followers: 79

Tags: 3D 4X Building City Builder Destruction Dystopian Exploration Futuristic Illuminati Lore-Rich Mystery Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi Steampunk Strategy Stylized Transhumanism Turn-Based Strategy Turn-Based Tactics Wargame

Genres: Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$ N/A

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