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Short Description: Walk upon a new world and slay foes endangering it. Rogue : Genesia is an action rogue-lite game, where you fight relentless hordes consisting of hundreds and thousands of monsters, make your build, break the balance, defeat bosses and save one of the many worlds.

Platforms: Windows Linux

Publisher: iolaCorp Studio

Developer: Ouadi Huard

Release: Sep 19, 2022 (1 year, 10 months ago) Early Access

Price: $8.99

Reviews: 4,936

Score: 9/10

Followers: 9,994

Tags: 2.5D 2D 3D Action Action Roguelike Arcade Bullet Hell Casual Choices Matter Controller Early Access Pixel Graphics Procedural Generation PvE Roguelike Roguelite RPG Strategy Top-Down Twin Stick Shooter

Genres: Action, Casual, Early Access, RPG, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$850,000

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