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Short Description: Embark on an epic sci-fi, free-to-play adventure. Spacelords is a brand-new take on the shooter genre. Through its 4 vs 1 campaign, you experience both sides of the story: Join the Raiders in their fight to free the legendary Broken Planet, or switch sides and fight as the Antagonist alongside the invading hordes!

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Mercury Steam Entertainment s.l.

Developer: MercurySteam

Release: Sep 22, 2017 (3 years, 6 months ago)

Price: $0.00

Reviews: 3,073

Score: 6/10

Followers: 22,085

Tags: Action Adventure Co-op Difficult Free to Play Funny Futuristic Multiplayer Online Co-Op Parkour PvE PvP Sci-fi Shooter Strategy Tactical Team-Based Third Person Third-Person Shooter Violent

Genres: Action, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Movie, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$0

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