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Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1596580/

Short Description: SPYCITY is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game about Spies and Agents. The spies must be quiet, hide in plain sight, and perform secret missions, while the Agents must find and eliminate the Spies.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: SHIBO GAMES

Developer: SHIBO GAMES

Release: May 3, 2021 (1 week, 5 days ago) Early Access

Price: $1.99

Reviews: 3

Score: 0/10

Followers: 35

Tags: 3D Action Action RPG America Colorful Combat Competitive Detective Early Access Logic Multiplayer Mystery Puzzle PvP RPG Social Deduction Stealth Strategy Stylized Third Person

Genres: Action, Early Access, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$110

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