Streets of Rogue – Stats on Steam


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Short Description: Fight, sneak, and hack your way through randomly generated cities. It's like Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex, mixed with the anarchy of GTA. Rogue-lite meets immersive sim, and goes completely insane.

Platforms: Windows Mac Linux

Publisher: tinyBuild

Developer: Matt Dabrowski

Release: Jul 12, 2019 (1 year, 7 months ago)

Price: $19.99

Reviews: 9,489

Score: 10/10

Followers: 87,508

Tags: 2D Action Action Roguelike Adventure Co-op Early Access Funny Gore Great Soundtrack Indie Local Co-Op Multiplayer Online Co-Op Pixel Graphics Procedural Generation Roguelike Roguelite RPG Stealth Violent

Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG


Revenue Estimate: ~$3.6 million