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Short Description: A gritty and immersive story brought to life with the latest technology. Introducing "Real Time Tactical Battle" (RTTB), a new, deeply strategic, real-time battle system. The beginnings of a new Strategy RPG, crafted by a skilled and experienced development team.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Square Enix

Developers: LANCARSE Ltd., Square Enix

Release: Sep 22, 2022 (6 months ago)

Price: $59.99 $29.99 -50%

Reviews: 554

Score: 6/10

Followers: 33,177

Tags: 2D 3D Anime JRPG Medieval Military Real Time Tactics Real-Time with Pause RPG RTS Simulation Singleplayer Soundtrack Story Rich Strategy Strategy RPG Tactical Tactical RPG Violent

Genres: RPG, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$640,000

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