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Short Description: Toilet Paper War is an RPG game in which you have to fight against others in action packed battles and play through adventurous casual games. The game is inspired by current affairs in the world and wrapped in an amusing and successful gamestory.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: SKY-E RED

Developer: SKY-E RED

Release: May 7, 2021 (3 days, 3 hours ago) Early Access

Price: $2.99

Reviews: 1

Score: 0/10

Followers: 19

Tags: 2D 2D Platformer Action Action-Adventure Action RPG Adventure Anime Bullet Hell Cartoon Colorful Comedy Early Access Funny Hero Shooter Pixel Graphics Retro RPG Shooter Strategy RPG Survival

Genres: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG


Revenue Estimate: ~$57

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