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Material Girl Cover Image
Sakura parents used to give her only a little money for her living costs. Now they don’t give her money anymore, so Sakura has no choice but to find a part-time job. She has to work part-time to earn money and meanwhile goes to school.
Material Girl
Steam Publisher: Paradise Project Developer: Dieselmine
Jun 20, 2017
3 years, 10 months ago
ActionAdventureAnimeDating SimFemale ProtagonistFPSGreat SoundtrackHentaiIndieMatureNSFWNudityOpen WorldRPGRPGMakerSexual ContentSimulationSingleplayerStory RichVisual Novel
33,153 8,536 9/10 ~$330,000
Otaku's Fantasy Cover Image
A new world had opened the door for me. All kinds of women threw themselves at me, and for all kinds of strange reasons. No matter it is a mixed-race lady with huge buttocks, a well-known news anchor secretly wants to be whipped, or a hungry cugar that almost eats me up, they all wants to know what it's like to be with me.
Otaku's Fantasy
Steam Publisher: Paradise Project Developer: Dieselmine
Oct 11, 2017
3 years, 6 months ago
AdventureAnimeCasualDating SimHentaiIndieMatureNuditySexual ContentVisual Novel
12,703 2,702 9/10 ~$100,000
Summer~Life in the Countryside~ Cover Image
An simulation game about reuniting with your childhood friend,and spending your summer vacation having her.
Summer~Life in the Countryside~
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Mar 25, 2021
3 weeks, 3 days ago
2DAdventureAnimeAtmosphericDating SimExperimentalHentaiIndieMatureNudityPixel GraphicsSexual ContentSimulationSingleplayerText-BasedVisual Novel
6,548 227 7/10 ~$83,000
Elise the Devil Cover Image
After Devil Iblis who wants to conquer the world is defeated by the hero, she is so weak and becomes a little girl. She swears her revenge, changed her name into Elise and starts her journey to take back the power. Can Elise finally revenge successfully? Or degenerate into a sex slave?
Elise the Devil
Steam Publisher: Paradise Project Developer: Dieselmine
Nov 1, 2017
3 years, 5 months ago
AdventureAnimeFemale ProtagonistIndieJRPGMatureNudityRPGRPGMakerSexual ContentSingleplayer
8,531 1,873 9/10 ~$71,000
Twins of the Pasture Cover Image
This is a story about twin sisters who live in the pasture. Their parents ran away leaving a huge debt.
Twins of the Pasture
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Jul 19, 2017
3 years, 9 months ago
AdventureAnimeFarmingFemale ProtagonistMatureNuditySexual ContentSimulationVisual Novel
5,865 271 7/10 ~$41,000
Succubus Farm Cover Image
A dungeon escape, action game. Play as a captured human forced to work for demons, but one day you decide to make a mad dash for freedom!
Succubus Farm
Steam Publisher: Kagura Games Developer: Dieselmine
Mar 19, 2021
1 month ago
ActionAdventureAnimeHentaiIndieJRPGMatureMemesNSFWNudityRPGRPGMakerSexual ContentSingleplayer
4,000 138 7/10 ~$40,000
Otaku's Fantasy 2 Cover Image
one day, a portal opened for appearantly no reason, evils poured in - the devil who wants to rule the world, slime princess that's acutally kinda cute, blood-thirsting succubus, fox of mystery and sexy mermaids. I was enslaved by those beautiful monstresses and drilled day by day.
Otaku's Fantasy 2
Steam Publisher: Paradise Project Developer: Dieselmine
Mar 30, 2018
3 years ago
AdventureAnimeIndieMatureNudityRPGSexual ContentVisual Novel
3,459 611 6/10 ~$23,000
Legend of Fainn Dynasty ~Battles of Beautiful Warlords~ Cover Image
There are two great nations on a continent."Fainn" is the female emperor Twaori dominated the feminist state "YangWei" was advocated by the muscular Shinwan want to predominate the mainland, two ambitions of the collision, the war is about to begin.
Legend of Fainn Dynasty ~Battles of Beautiful Warlords~
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Oct 19, 2017
3 years, 6 months ago
AdventureAnimeIndieNuditySexual ContentSimulationStrategy
2,868 114 7/10 ~$8,700
VoiceActress Cover Image
Seiko is an ordinary and humble student, and at home, she is an online voice actress. Because of her father's work, Seiko's room also has good sound insulation equipment In the work of voice...
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Nov 28, 2017
3 years, 4 months ago
AnimeCasualIndieMatch 3NudityRPGSexual ContentVisual Novel
2,423 198 9/10 ~$7,600
Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~ Cover Image
The Kingdom of Brazia was attacked by the demon legion. At this time, An angel suddenly came to Serena and said, "This world is about to fall into the hands of the devil, and only the family of the Brazia who can save it. Please lend me your power." Serena agreed, and set foot on the journey to save the world.
Princess Serena ~Raid of Demon Legion~
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Sep 21, 2017
3 years, 6 months ago
AdventureAnimeFemale ProtagonistNudityRPGRPGMakerSexual Content
3,197 113 6/10 ~$4,300
普通の学生『米倉清子』を有名な声優へと育成する『ノベル+パズルゲーム』 パズルで点数を稼ぎ清子を成長させて、有名な声優に育て上げよう!
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Apr 3, 2018
3 years ago
CasualIndieSexual Content
314 7 0/10 ~$270
NightmareBullet Cover Image
"Nightmare Bullet" is a top-down shooting game. You control a hero trapped in a world where nightmares have come true. Where's the escape? Various enemies stand in the way of the hero. Defeat them with the hero's gun and bombs! Use different firing patterns and other techniques to handle traps and obstacles in your path.
Steam Publisher: Dieselmine Developer: Dieselmine
Jul 18, 2018
2 years, 9 months ago
ActionSexual Content
76 7 0/10 ~$130