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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Cover Image
Be the leader of wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places, and fantasy worlds. Watch them fight in simulations made with the wobbliest physics system ever created, make your own wobblers in the unit creator and send your army off to fight your friends in multiplayer.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall
Apr 1, 2021
1 year, 4 months ago
310,294 85,235 10/10 ~$33 million
Stick Fight: The Game Cover Image
Stick Fight is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet.
Stick Fight: The Game
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall West
Sep 28, 2017
4 years, 10 months ago
2D2D Fighter4 Player LocalActionCasualControllerCo-opFightingFunnyGreat SoundtrackIndieLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerMultiplayerOnline Co-OpPhysicsPvPShooterSplit ScreenStrategy
140,578 79,221 9/10 ~$7.6 million
ROUNDS Cover Image
Rounds is a 1v1 rogue-lite shooter where each round gets more intense. The losing player of each round unlocks clever upgrades to create a better build to counter their opponent.
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall
Apr 1, 2021
1 year, 4 months ago
2D2D Fighter2D PlatformerActionArcadeCard BattlerCard GameDeckbuildingFightingIndieLocal MultiplayerMultiplayerParty GamePhysicsPlatformerPvPRoguelike DeckbuilderRogueliteSide ScrollerTwin Stick Shooter
9,423 9,784 10/10 ~$1.1 million
Knightfall: A Daring Journey Cover Image
Two knights, a strong bond, and a long journey. Take up the race for the rose, ride from town to town and take shelter before nightfall by any means necessary! If your bond is strong and your horse drifts well, you can be the recipient of the fabled rose. Luckily you brought guns!
Knightfall: A Daring Journey
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall
Apr 1, 2022
4 months, 1 week ago
3DActionAdventureBattle RoyaleCombatCo-opDating SimFirst-PersonFunnyHorsesIndieMedievalMultiplayerOnline Co-OpPvPRacingRomanceShooterSingleplayerTeam-Based
12,641 1,980 9/10 ~$230,000
Square Brawl Cover Image
A fast and skill based party game where all of the focus lies in fun and engaging gameplay.
Square Brawl
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall
Oct 22, 2015
6 years, 9 months ago
4 Player LocalActionIndieLocal MultiplayerMultiplayer
1,163 120 9/10 ~$11,000
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Cover Image
Grab your balloon crossbow and trusty inflatable hammer, because things are about to get wobbly! Be the last weirdo standing in the world-leading physics-based Battle Royale game.
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall
Jun 5, 2018
4 years, 2 months ago
ActionBattle RoyaleCharacter CustomizationCo-opFamily FriendlyFPSIndieMassively MultiplayerMemesMultiplayerOpen WorldParodyPhysicsPvPSandboxShooterSimulationStrategySurvivalTeam-Based
79,935 73,003 9/10 ~$0
Air Brawl Cover Image
A fast paced multiplayer dogfighting game that focuses on creative weapons and game mechanics that reward skillful flying.
Air Brawl
Steam Publisher: Landfall Developer: Landfall
Jun 2, 2015
7 years, 2 months ago
ActionFast-PacedFlightFree to PlayIndieMultiplayerShooter
5,714 1,390 7/10 ~$0