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鬼谷八荒 Tale of Immortal Cover Image
Tale of Immortal is an open-world sandbox based on Chinese mythology and cultivation. You will grow to become immortal, conquer the beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Season, make your choices carefully and grasp your own destiny.
鬼谷八荒 Tale of Immortal
Steam Publishers: Lightning Games, 鬼谷工作室 Developer: 鬼谷工作室
May 26, 2023
5 days, 1 hour ago
$19.99 $14.99 -25%
2DActionAction-AdventureAction RPGAdventureChoose Your Own AdventureDating SimExplorationFantasyHand-drawnManagementMythologyRPGSandboxSexual ContentSimulationSingleplayerStory RichStrategy RPGTactical RPG
209,982 183,749 6/10 ~$70 million
ANNO: Mutationem Cover Image
ANNO: Mutationem is an action-adventure game with RPG elements set in a cyberpunk world, featuring a unique mix of pixelated 2D & 3D graphic style with a rich, dark and bizarre plot.
ANNO: Mutationem
Steam Publisher: Lightning Games Developer: ThinkingStars
Mar 16, 2022
1 year, 2 months ago
2.5D2D PlatformerActionAction-AdventureAction RPGAdventureAnimeCyberpunkExplorationFemale ProtagonistFuturisticIndieLore-RichPixel GraphicsRPGSci-fiSingleplayerSpectacle fighterStory RichStylized
53,717 3,924 7/10 ~$1.9 million
HARDCORE MECHA is a 2D platformer action focusing on a better handling. The Campaign mode offers rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes for an immersive experience. Choose your favorite mecha, experience the fast-paced hardcore competitive battle of steel in Multiplayer!
Steam Publishers: Lightning Games, RocketPunch Games Developer: RocketPunch Games
Jun 26, 2019
3 years, 11 months ago
2D4 Player LocalActionAnimeCinematicCrowdfundedFightingIndieKickstarterLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerMechsMilitaryMultiplayerOnline Co-OpPlatformerSci-fiShooterSingleplayerStory Rich
15,374 2,129 9/10 ~$820,000
Noobs Want to Live Cover Image
Noobs Want to Live is a fast-paced roguelike featuring several characters and a large pool of skills to choose from (that synergize with one another, too!) Fight, kill, grow. Each run is a new chance to create a steamrolling build!
Noobs Want to Live
Steam Publisher: Lightning Games Developer: 元气弹工作室
Feb 13, 2023
3 months, 2 weeks ago
2.5DActionAction RoguelikeAction RPGAdventureBullet HellCartoonyCasualCombatCuteFunnyPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRelaxingResource ManagementRoguelikeRogueliteSingleplayerTop-Down
8,236 3,448 9/10 ~$330,000
The Enchanted Cave 2 Cover Image
Uncover the dark secrets of a cave with an endless supply of monsters and loot!
The Enchanted Cave 2
Steam Publishers: dustinaux, Lightning Games Developer: dustinaux
Jun 3, 2015
7 years, 12 months ago
2DCasualDungeon CrawlerIndiePixel GraphicsRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerTurn-Based
3,552 594 9/10 ~$110,000
Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens Cover Image
Lady Tallowmere's kittens have been acting strange. Still, the dungeon's rituals must be carried out. Despite the unusual circumstances, how many rooms can you clear?
Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens
Steam Publishers: Chris McFarland, Lightning Games, THE BALANCE Developer: Chris McFarland
Dec 4, 2020
2 years, 5 months ago
Early Access
2D Platformer4 Player LocalAction RoguelikeCatsControllerDark FantasyDungeon CrawlerEarly AccessGoreHack and SlashLocal Co-OpLootOnline Co-OpPerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationRogueliteScore AttackSingleplayerViolent
1,944 271 9/10 ~$52,000
Project Morpheus: Prologue Cover Image
Welcome to Project: Morpheus, you will reprise yourself as EAST, and play your way in this world where reality and dreams collide.
Project Morpheus: Prologue
Steam Publisher: Lightning Games Developer: Team Ranger
Jan 14, 2021
2 years, 4 months ago
3D3D FighterActionAction-AdventureAdventureExplorationFantasyHorrorPsychedelicPsychologicalRPGShooterStory RichStrategyStrategy RPGStylizedSurvivalSurvival HorrorThird PersonThird-Person Shooter
4,066 491 9/10 ~$0
The Scary Square Cover Image
The Dark Side Of Mr.Square To Be Discovered.
The Scary Square
Steam Publisher: Lightning Games Developer: Lightning Games
Nov 27, 2020
2 years, 6 months ago
3DCasualFirst-PersonFree to PlayHorrorIndieSingleplayerStory RichStrategySurvivalSurvival Horror
45 32 6/10 ~$0
Dirty Blood Cover Image
The Blood Of The Undead Is Dirty! Play As The Specialist Soldier And Save The World From The Undead By Completing Your Missions!
Dirty Blood
Steam Publisher: Lightning Games Developer: Lightning Games
Apr 27, 2021
2 years, 1 month ago
3D3D FighterActionBloodControllerFirst-PersonFPSIndieInventory ManagementLooter ShooterModernShooterSingleplayerStory RichSurvivalZombies
56 10 6/10 ~$0
Outpost: Infinity Siege Cover Image
Command Mobile Outpost and take Protoslag Gun to venture deep into the Signet surveillance off-limit area where dangers lurk in the dark. Collect unique Weapon Units. Amp up the firepower of the Outpost that fights with you. This game is about TD, FPS, and RTS all at the same time.
Outpost: Infinity Siege
Steam Publisher: Lightning Games Developer: Team Ranger
Q3 2023
Coming Soon
3DActionBase BuildingCo-opFirst-PersonFPSFuturisticMilitaryMultiplayerParty-Based RPGRealisticReal Time TacticsResource ManagementSci-fiShooterSingleplayerStrategySurvivalTacticalTower Defense
32,258 N/A N/A ~$ N/A