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Cozy Grove Cover Image
Welcome to Cozy Grove, a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you'll wander the island's forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you'll bring color and joy back to Cozy Grove!
Cozy Grove
Steam Publisher: Spry Fox LLC Developer: Spry Fox LLC
Apr 7, 2021
1 week ago
$14.99 $13.49 -10%
2DAtmosphericCartoonyCasualCharacter CustomizationCollectathonColorfulCraftingCuteFamily FriendlyFunnyHidden ObjectIndieLife SimManagementProcedural GenerationRelaxingSingleplayerStory RichSurreal
9,259 578 7/10 ~$170,000
Triple Town Cover Image
Triple Town is an award-winning original puzzle game in which you try to grow the greatest possible city. The larger the city you build, the more points you score. You build your city by matching three or more game-pieces: combine three grasses to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree...
Triple Town
Steam Publisher: Spry Fox LLC Developer: Spry Fox LLC
Dec 6, 2012
8 years, 4 months ago
AddictiveCasualCity BuilderCuteIndieMatch 3PuzzleSingleplayerStrategy
1,046 502 9/10 ~$96,000
Road Not Taken Cover Image
Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. You play as a ranger adventuring through a vast, unforgiving forest in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm, rescuing children who have lost their way.
Road Not Taken
Steam Publisher: Spry Fox LLC Developer: Spry Fox LLC
Aug 5, 2014
6 years, 8 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericCuteDifficultFemale ProtagonistIndieLGBTQ+Procedural GenerationPuzzleRoguelikeSingleplayerTurn-Based
2,697 224 9/10 ~$64,000
Alphabear: Hardcover Edition Cover Image
Alphabear is an award-winning, original English word puzzle game by Spry Fox. Spell words, collect bears!
Alphabear: Hardcover Edition
Steam Publisher: Spry Fox LLC Developer: Spry Fox LLC
Aug 23, 2017
3 years, 7 months ago
CasualCuteIndiePuzzleWord Game
472 65 9/10 ~$12,000
Steambirds Alliance Cover Image
Steambirds Alliance is a massively-cooperative bullet-hell shooter! Fly with dozens of your feathered friends in an open world full of cruel cat bosses and endless waves of deadly bullets.
Steambirds Alliance
Steam Publisher: Spry Fox LLC Developer: Spry Fox LLC
Aug 22, 2019
1 year, 7 months ago
ActionBullet HellCo-opFree to PlayIndieMassively MultiplayerMultiplayerOnline Co-OpPerma DeathRogueliteRPGShoot 'Em UpShooter
9,222 1,243 7/10 ~$0