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Average: ~$240,000
Median: ~$5,500
Total: ~$20.9 million

# Title Release Price Tags Followers Reviews Score Net Revenue
1 Assetto Corsa v1.16 introduces the new "Laguna Seca" laser-scanned track, 7 new cars among which the eagerly awaited Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio! Check the changelog for further info! Assetto Corsa
VR Supported Publisher: Kunos Simulazioni
Dec 19, 2014
5 years, 6 months ago
$19.99 $4.99 -75%
3D VisionActionArtificial IntelligenceAutomobile SimControllerDrivingFirst-PersonIndieModdableMultiplayerOpen WorldPhysicsRacingRealisticReplay ValueSimulationSingleplayerSportsTrackIRVR
N/A 24,756 9/10 ~$9.5 million
2 Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War brings you to a world of terror and violence. Four factions will engage in a brutal war for dominance over the planet’s resources. In the first turn-based 4X strategy game set in Warhammer 40,000 you will lead one of four unique factions. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Steam Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Jul 12, 2018
1 year, 12 months ago
$39.99 $13.99 -65%
4XArtificial IntelligenceCo-opGrand StrategyGreat SoundtrackHex GridMilitaryMultiplayerReplay ValueSci-fiSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based TacticsWarWargameWarhammer 40K
41,363 2,300 7/10 ~$1.8 million
3 If you can't save the one you love… How can you save humanity? Sequel to the visual novel cult classic. Experience an alternate worldline of STEINS;GATE. STEINS;GATE 0
Steam Publisher: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
May 8, 2018
2 years, 2 months ago
$34.99 $13.99 -60%
AdventureAnimeArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericChoices MatterGreat SoundtrackMemesMultiple EndingsMysteryPsychologicalPsychological HorrorRomanceScienceSci-fiSingleplayerStory RichTime TravelViolentVisual Novel
28,985 2,400 10/10 ~$1.6 million
4 The Turing Test is a challenging first-person puzzle game set on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. You are Ava Turing, an engineer for the International Space Agency (ISA) sent to discover the cause behind the disappearance of the ground crew stationed there. The Turing Test
Steam Publisher: Square Enix
Aug 30, 2016
3 years, 10 months ago
$19.99 $2.99 -85%
AdventureArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericFemale ProtagonistFirst-PersonFPSGreat SoundtrackIndiePhilosophicalPsychological HorrorPuzzleRobotsSci-fiShortSingleplayerSpaceStory Rich
32,682 4,026 9/10 ~$1.5 million
5 Ever wanted to get away from it all? Well here's your chance! In AI Shoujo, a tropical island paradise filled with beautiful girls is waiting for you! Customize NPCs with a rich suite of character creation tools, then watch as they think, learn, and love. Kick back, relax, and enjoy life in the sun! AI*Shoujo/AI*少女
Steam Publisher: ILLUSION
Mar 16, 2020
3 months, 3 weeks ago
$69.99 $55.99 -20%
AnimeArtificial IntelligenceBase BuildingBuildingCharacter CustomizationDating SimDystopianExplorationFPSMatureNSFWNuditySandboxSexual ContentShooterSimulationSingleplayerSurvivalThird PersonThird-Person Shooter
46,489 820 9/10 ~$1.1 million
6 Panzer Corps 2 is the ultimate Second World War strategy game! Enjoy the time-proven gameplay formula which has been appreciated by millions of players over the years, brought to a whole new level of refinement up to the latest technical standards. Panzer Corps 2
Steam Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Mar 19, 2020
3 months, 3 weeks ago
$39.99 $33.99 -15%
Artificial IntelligenceGrand StrategyGreat SoundtrackHex GridHistoricalManagementMilitaryMultiplayerReplay ValueSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based TacticsWarWargameWorld War II
14,410 1,088 7/10 ~$830,000
7 Observation is a sci-fi thriller uncovering what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher, and the crew of her mission, through the lens of the station’s artificial intelligence S.A.M. Observation
Steam Publisher: Devolver Digital
May 21, 2020
1 month, 2 weeks ago
$24.99 $12.49 -50%
AdventureArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericFemale ProtagonistHorrorIndieMysteryPsychological HorrorPuzzleSci-fiSingleplayerSpaceStory RichThrillerWalking Simulator
18,014 1,589 7/10 ~$760,000
8 Manage emergency services in any city in the world! Take calls and dispatch rescue forces. Handle difficult situations, now depending on the weather, and traffic. Help the citizens through cataclysms and natural disasters, becoming a better emergency number operator every day! 112 Operator
Steam Publisher: Games Operators
Apr 23, 2020
2 months, 2 weeks ago
$24.99 $16.74 -33%
2D3DArtificial IntelligenceCharacter CustomizationChoices MatterCrimeDifficultDynamic NarrationEducationFunnyHeistManagementProcedural GenerationReal-TimeRTSSandboxStrategyStylizedTime ManipulationTutorial
13,690 1,038 9/10 ~$500,000
9 Event[0] is a sci-fi narrative exploration game where you build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home to Earth. Event[0]
Steam Publisher: Ocelot Society
Sep 14, 2016
3 years, 10 months ago
$19.99 $9.99 -50%
AdventureArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericChoices MatterDynamic NarrationExplorationFirst-PersonHorrorIndieMultiple EndingsMysteryNarrationPsychological HorrorSci-fiShortSingleplayerSpaceStory RichText-BasedWalking Simulator
22,819 1,115 7/10 ~$430,000
10 Field of Glory: Empires is a grand strategy game in which you will have to move in an intricate and living tapestry of nations and tribes, each one with their distinctive culture. Field of Glory: Empires
Steam Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Jul 11, 2019
1 year ago
$39.99 $27.99 -30%
4XArtificial IntelligenceGrand StrategyGreat SoundtrackHistoricalManagementMilitaryMultiplayerReplay ValueResource ManagementRomeSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTurn-BasedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based TacticsWarWargame
12,909 473 9/10 ~$360,000
11 AO Tennis 2 is the only tennis experience designed for and by its community. Create your own players, stadiums and legendary matches. Enter the competition to reach the top of world tennis in Career Mode. AO Tennis 2
Steam Publisher: Nacon
Jan 9, 2020
6 months ago
$49.99 $24.99 -50%
ActionArcadeArtificial IntelligenceCharacter CustomizationConversationCo-opLevel EditorLocal Co-OpManagementMultiplayerOnline Co-OpPhysicsPvPRealisticResource ManagementSimulationSingleplayerSportsTennisTop-Down
2,767 358 6/10 ~$340,000
12 Get the complete GalCiv II saga including Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the expansion pack Dark Avatar, and the newest expansion pack Twilight of the Arnor! Galactic Civilizations® II: Ultimate Edition
Steam Publisher: Stardock Entertainment
Apr 30, 2008
12 years, 2 months ago
$19.99 $9.99 -50%
3D4XAliensArtificial IntelligenceBase BuildingBuildingCombatDiplomacyFuturisticGrand StrategyManagementModdableSandboxSci-fiSpaceStrategyTop-DownTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyWar
3,446 765 7/10 ~$290,000
13 Use the radio to give commands to the soldiers on the battlefield. Keep track of the situation based on their voice reports only. Lead US platoons to clash with Vietcong in a realistic, innovative approach to the RTS genre. Make hard choices in a narrative driven experience, and face the outcome. Radio Commander
Steam Publishers: Games Operators, PlayWay S.A.
Oct 10, 2019
9 months ago
$19.99 $8.99 -55%
2D3DArtificial IntelligenceCharacter CustomizationCold WarDifficultFightingFirst-PersonHistoricalManagementMilitaryReal Time TacticsRTSStory RichStrategyStrategy RPGTabletopTop-DownWarWargame
15,652 744 7/10 ~$290,000
14 Close Combat: The Bloody First is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, and the first using the new 3D Archon engine. With this Close Combat: The Bloody First combines classic Close Combat tactical gameplay with battles fought across a wide variety of diverse 3D landscapes including craggy ridgelines, narrow... Close Combat: The Bloody First
Steam Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Oct 3, 2019
9 months, 1 week ago
$39.99 $27.99 -30%
Artificial IntelligenceGreat SoundtrackHistoricalMilitaryMultiplayerReal-TimeReal Time TacticsReal-Time with PauseReplay ValueResource ManagementSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTanksTurn-Based TacticsWarWargameWorld War II
5,967 244 6/10 ~$190,000
15 60 Parsecs! is an Atomic Space Age adventure of scavenge and survival. Keep your crew alive and ready for action. Make difficult choices, face soup shortages and other horrors of outer space. And maybe reach your destination. Or not. 60 Parsecs!
Steam Publisher: Robot Gentleman
Sep 18, 2018
1 year, 9 months ago
$9.99 $3.99 -60%
AdventureArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericCasualChoices MatterComedyDark ComedyDifficultFunnyIndiePost-apocalypticRogueliteRPGSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerSpaceStrategySurvivalTurn-Based
16,575 976 9/10 ~$190,000
16 Assemble your robot squad, construct their AI and send them in the battle arena to see your strategy play out. Iterate, improve and repeat until you outsmart all your opponents and friends online. GLADIABOTS - AI Combat Arena
Steam Publishers: GFX47, WhisperGames
May 22, 2019
1 year, 1 month ago
$14.99 $8.99 -40%
Artificial IntelligenceAsynchronous MultiplayerAuto BattlerAutomationCompetitiveDifficultEducationIndieLogicMultiplayerProgrammingPuzzleRobotsSandboxScienceSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTactical
10,545 613 9/10 ~$180,000
17 Live the ultimate pawn shop experience in this funny retro style tycoon game! Dealer's Life
Steam Publisher: Abyte Entertainment
Jan 31, 2019
1 year, 5 months ago
$9.99 $4.99 -50%
2DAddictiveArtificial IntelligenceCapitalismCasualComedyEconomyFunnyIndieManagementMemesMultiple EndingsOld SchoolProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRetroSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTrading
1,906 495 9/10 ~$95,000
18 Counter Terrorist Agency lets you fight international terrorism and prevent attacks all over the world. Use modern invigilation techniques, discover connections, interrogate suspects, eliminate threats and dismantle terrorist networks. Counter Terrorist Agency
Steam Publishers: Games Operators, PlayWay S.A.
Dec 5, 2019
7 months, 1 week ago
$19.99 $8.99 -55%
2DActionArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericChoices MatterClassicCrimeDifficultHackingIndieManagementPoliticalRealisticReal-TimeReal Time TacticsReal-Time with PauseSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategy
5,922 204 6/10 ~$78,000
19 Rumu is an intimate, narrative-driven adventure that follows the path into sentience of a robot vacuum cleaner. Rumu
Steam Publisher: Hammerfall Publishing
Dec 12, 2017
2 years, 7 months ago
AdventureArtificial IntelligenceCasualFemale ProtagonistIlluminatiIndieMysteryPuzzleRobotsStory RichWalking Simulator
2,358 380 9/10 ~$73,000
20 Play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and mysterious alien ocean. A non-violent sci-fi story, enter a world of wonder, fear and vulnerability, unraveling the history and ecology of an impossible planet. What will you discover together? In Other Waters
Steam Publisher: Fellow Traveller
Apr 3, 2020
3 months, 1 week ago
$14.99 $11.24 -25%
AdventureAliensArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericBeautifulExperimentalExplorationFemale ProtagonistFuturisticGreat SoundtrackIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleSimulationSingleplayerSpaceStory RichStylizedUnderwater
7,049 242 9/10 ~$70,000
21 BLACK DAY is a single player Sandbox tactical shooter that allows you to personalize the game experience by setting different variables such as equipment, location, difficulty and type of Hostile encounters. BLACK DAY
Steam Publisher: Helios Production
Sep 18, 2017
2 years, 9 months ago
Early Access
ActionArtificial IntelligenceEarly AccessFPSIndieLevel EditorMilitaryReplay ValueSandboxSingleplayerStealthTacticalThird-Person Shooter
5,025 221 7/10 ~$63,000
22 Become The Prophet in a world of the future without the future! Lead your Cult in this cyberpunk RTS in the fight against evil corporations and heretics. Choose your creed, convert citizens, create an army and take over the city! Re-Legion
Steam Publisher: 1C Entertainment
Jan 31, 2019
1 year, 5 months ago
$19.99 $4.99 -75%
ActionArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericChoices MatterCyberpunkDarkFaithFuturisticGreat SoundtrackPost-apocalypticRPGRTSSingleplayerStory RichStrategyTacticalTop-DownTranshumanismViolentWar
8,072 152 6/10 ~$58,000
23 Your word is gospel in this god sim set in Sub-Saharan Africa. Influence and try to control your followers using commandments but beware, free will leaves these open to interpretation. Will you create a flourishing civilization or lead them to death and destruction? Crest - an indirect god sim
Steam Publisher: Eat Create Sleep
Mar 8, 2018
2 years, 4 months ago
$9.99 $3.99 -60%
3DArtificial IntelligenceAtmosphericBase BuildingCasualEarly AccessGod GameGreat SoundtrackIndieNatureOpen WorldProcedural GenerationReal-TimeResource ManagementSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategyStylizedSurvival
8,356 258 6/10 ~$49,000
24 Little Racers STREET fuses the fun-oriented simplicity of top-down racing games with the excitement of street racing, and the results couldn't be better! Little Racers STREET
Steam Publisher: Milkstone Studios
Feb 6, 2014
6 years, 5 months ago
$5.99 $1.19 -80%
ActionArcadeArtificial IntelligenceAutomobile SimCasualControllerCult ClassicDrivingFast-PacedFunnyIsometricMinimalistMultiplayerOpen WorldRacingReplay ValueRetroRunnerThird PersonTop-Down
1,517 430 9/10 ~$49,000
25 Death Squared is a co-op puzzle game about cooperation, communication, and robot explosions. You should buy it! Death Squared
Steam Publisher: SMG Studio
Mar 13, 2017
3 years, 4 months ago
$14.99 $1.49 -90%
4 Player LocalArtificial IntelligenceCasualColorfulControllerCo-opCo-op CampaignDark HumorDifficultDynamic NarrationFamily FriendlyFunnyIndieIntentionally Awkward ControlsLocal Co-OpLocal MultiplayerMinimalistPuzzleRobotsSatire
2,156 164 9/10 ~$47,000
26 Heavenworld is an open world adventure game mixing role playing, survival and management with NPC survivors. Each game is unique and managed by a game master who influences events. A powerful map editor is also available. Heavenworld
Steam Publisher: Helios Production
Apr 14, 2020
2 months, 3 weeks ago
$29.99 $17.99 -40%
Artificial IntelligenceIndieLevel EditorOpen WorldOpen World Survival CraftReplay ValueRPGSandboxSingleplayerSurvivalThird-Person ShooterZombies
3,473 79 7/10 ~$45,000
27 It's a serious game about AI, PRISM, big data, privacy, and free speech. 假如我是人工智能 Big Brother Is Shaping You
Steam Publisher: 内购人生PABL
Apr 12, 2019
1 year, 3 months ago
$3.99 $2.63 -34%
Artificial IntelligenceDark HumorDystopianIndieSatire
2,732 566 9/10 ~$43,000
28 Live the experience of being a powerful god and create the world to see the growth of mankind. Deisim
VR Required Publisher: Myron Software
Dec 19, 2016
3 years, 6 months ago
Early Access
$7.99 $4.79 -40%
Artificial IntelligenceBuildingCasualCity BuilderColony SimColorfulEarly AccessFamily FriendlyFunnyGod GameMinimalistMythologyPuzzleRelaxingResource ManagementSandboxSimulationSingleplayerStrategyVR
2,755 282 9/10 ~$43,000
29 Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem is part of Close Combat series. Its design is based on the critically acclaimed Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far, originally developed by Atomic Games, as well as the more recent Close Combat: The Longest Day. Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem
Steam Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.
Jun 21, 2011
9 years ago
$39.99 $9.59 -76%
Artificial IntelligenceMilitaryRealisticReal-TimeReal Time TacticsSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalWarWargameWorld War II
991 41 8/10 ~$31,000
30 Build robots with revolutionary free-form crafting tools and control them through powerful visual programming. Overcome solo challenges or play with your friends in multiplayer. Featuring advanced physics like aerodynamics and robot destruction! Main Assembly
Steam Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Jun 11, 2020
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Early Access
$19.99 $17.99 -10%
Artificial IntelligenceAutomationBuildingCharacter CustomizationCity BuilderCraftingEarly AccessFamily FriendlyGames WorkshopImmersive SimIndieLogicManagementMultiplayerPhysicsProgrammingRobotsSandboxScienceSimulation
5,963 81 9/10 ~$31,000