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Legion TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower Defense Cover Image
An infinitely replayable multiplayer and single-player tower defense. Defend against waves of enemies and destroy the enemy's king before they destroy yours. Legion TD 2 is a one-of-a-kind game of tactics, teamwork, and prediction. Party as 1-8 players.
Legion TD 2 - Multiplayer Tower Defense
Steam Publisher: AutoAttack Games Developer: AutoAttack Games
Oct 1, 2021
2 years ago
2D3DAuto BattlerBase BuildingCompetitiveCo-opFantasyMagicMechsMedievalMultiplayerOnline Co-OpPvEPvPReplay ValueResource ManagementSci-fiStrategySurvivalTower Defense
34,536 9,012 9/10 ~$4 million
Domina Cover Image
A Spectacle of Violence and Greed - DOMINA is the Finest Gladiator Management Simulator in the World. Fortified with Chariot Racing and Twitch Integration! Do not trust the weak imposters - there is no competition - only DOMINA will make you STRONG.
Steam Publisher: Dolphin Barn Incorporated Developer: Dolphin Barn Incorporated
Apr 3, 2017
6 years, 6 months ago
2DActionAtmosphericAuto BattlerFemale ProtagonistFightingGoreGreat SoundtrackHistoricalIndieManagementPixel GraphicsRomeRPGSexual ContentSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTacticalViolent
38,871 8,300 7/10 ~$3.2 million
Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga Cover Image
Enter Tahnra, a land savaged by war. You, a fresh academy graduate with humble beginnings, will grow to lead a grand army against a corrupt adversary. Gather heroes, form bonds, and lead your force in turn-based battles. Make use of tactics, terrain, morale and more to bring peace to the land!
Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga
Steam Publisher: Freedom Games Developer: Dancing Dragon Games
Jun 10, 2022
1 year, 3 months ago
2DAdventureAuto BattlerDramaFantasyFemale ProtagonistIndieJRPGLore-RichParty-Based RPGPixel GraphicsRomanceRPGSingleplayerStory RichStrategyStrategy RPGTacticalTactical RPGTurn-Based Strategy
38,507 8,245 10/10 ~$3.2 million
Luck be a Landlord Cover Image
Luck be a Landlord is a roguelike deckbuilder about using a slot machine to earn rent money and defeat capitalism. This game does not contain any real-world currency gambling or microtransactions.
Luck be a Landlord
Steam Publisher: TrampolineTales Developer: TrampolineTales
Jan 6, 2023
9 months ago
2DAuto BattlerCapitalismCasualDeckbuildingEarly AccessGamblingIndieManagementPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationResource ManagementRetroRoguelikeRoguelike DeckbuilderRogueliteSimulationSingleplayerStrategyVillain Protagonist
10,081 7,109 9/10 ~$1.4 million
Dragon Cliff Cover Image
Dragon Cliff is a Semi-Idle RPG game with deep and complex itemization/skill systems to support endless character builds. Players are to collect adventurers, kill monsters, advance talent trees, enchant/reforge equipment, discover scrolls and finally assemble the most powerful adventure team!
Dragon Cliff
Steam Publisher: Meta Interaction Developer: Meta Interaction
May 11, 2018
5 years, 4 months ago
$9.99 $2.49 -75%
2DAdventureAuto BattlerCasualClickerDungeon CrawlerFantasyHack and SlashIdlerIndieJRPGLootManagementPixel GraphicsRPGSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTurn-BasedTurn-Based Combat
30,105 6,516 9/10 ~$1.2 million
Hero's Hour Cover Image
A fast turn-based strategy RPG with real-time combat. Develop your cities and armies, level up your heroes to gain new, powerful spells and skills, and explore the wonders and dangers of the procedurally generated maps as you aim to conquer your enemies before they do the same to you.
Hero's Hour
Steam Publishers: Goblinz Publishing, Maple Whispering Limited Developer: Benjamin "ThingOnItsOwn" Hauer
Mar 1, 2022
1 year, 7 months ago
2D4XAtmosphericAuto BattlerFantasyLevel EditorLocal Co-OpMultiplayerOld SchoolPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationPvPRPGSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGTacticalTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
48,868 3,455 7/10 ~$1.2 million
Mechabellum Cover Image
Mechabellum is an epic auto-battler taking place on the newly colonized planet of Far-Away. You’re the Commander of an army of mechs fighting it out in massive PvP battles. Customize and level up your units, strategically place them on the battlefield and watch them destroy your enemies.
Steam Publisher: Paradox Arc Developer: Game River
May 11, 2023
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Early Access
ActionAction RTSAuto BattlerCo-opEarly AccessMechsMultiplayerPvPReal Time TacticsRobotsRTSSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTower DefenseTurn-BasedTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based TacticsWarWargame
25,092 4,029 9/10 ~$1.2 million
Warpips Cover Image
Warpips is the ultimate quick to learn but amazingly deep tug-of-war strategy game. Deploy the right composition of soldiers, tanks, helicopters and planes in this tight, streamlined strategy-focused war game. Compose the best army, research the right tech; overwhelm your enemy!
Steam Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment Developer: Skirmish Mode Games
Apr 21, 2022
1 year, 5 months ago
2.5D3DActionAuto BattlerBase BuildingCombatEarly AccessIndiePixel GraphicsReal Time TacticsResource ManagementRTSSingleplayerStrategyStylizedTacticalTower DefenseVehicular CombatWarWargame
15,601 3,072 9/10 ~$1 million
Teamfight Manager Cover Image
Teamfight Manager is a simulation game where you are the coach of an e-sports team. You must manage players to set them up for matches. Make the best of pick & ban by evaluating the characteristics of the champions/players! A smart strategy can make up for a lack of individual player skills.
Teamfight Manager
Steam Publisher: Team Samoyed Developer: Team Samoyed
Mar 1, 2021
2 years, 7 months ago
2DAuto BattlerChoices MattereSportsIndieManagementMultiplayerPixel GraphicsResource ManagementSimulationSingleplayerSportsStrategyTurn-Based Tactics
14,278 4,751 9/10 ~$910,000
Despot's Game: Dystopian Battle Simulator Cover Image
Guide puny humans through Despot's Game - a rogue-like tactics army battler. Equip your team and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you fight enemies, and other players!
Despot's Game: Dystopian Battle Simulator
Steam Publisher: tinyBuild Developer: Konfa Games
Sep 29, 2022
1 year ago
2DAdventureAsynchronous MultiplayerAtmosphericAuto BattlerDark HumorDungeon CrawlerIndiePixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerStrategySurvivalTacticalTurn-BasedTurn-Based Tactics
29,844 2,304 9/10 ~$880,000
Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game Cover Image
Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game is an online DBG which contains a PVE mode called Uncharted Realms and a PVP mode. Every game is a deck building from scratch. Players can have stronger decks by changing cards, and then build more powerful routines to defeat all opponents to win.
Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game
Steam Publisher: Gamera Games Developer: Darksun Studio
Dec 6, 2022
10 months ago
Early Access
2DAuto BattlerCard BattlerCard GameCasualEarly AccessIndieMultiplayerPixel GraphicsPvPRelaxingSingleplayerSolitaireStrategyTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
13,438 3,128 7/10 ~$480,000
Godhood Cover Image
Create your Religion, raise your Disciples, and guide them to bring you glory! Inspire growth in your Disciples so they may challenge the false gods and convert their followers. Defeat your rivals, and become the One Truth!
Steam Publisher: Abbey Games Developer: Abbey Games
Aug 11, 2020
3 years, 1 month ago
2.5DAuto BattlerEarly AccessGod GameIndieReplay ValueRPGSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTurn-BasedTurn-Based Strategy
21,549 880 7/10 ~$460,000
Gladiator Guild Manager Cover Image
Strategic battle sim in which you buy and train all kinds of gladiators. Expand your guild, build unique teams, plan out fight tactics, and see how far you can take them through the championships. Form allegiances through quests and events while exploring and influencing this epic fantasy world.
Gladiator Guild Manager
Steam Publishers: Gamera Games, GrabTheGames, UpgradePoint Developer: Entertainment Forge
Oct 13, 2021
1 year, 11 months ago
Early Access
Auto BattlerBase BuildingEarly AccessIndieManagementMedievalPixel GraphicsReplay ValueResource ManagementRoguelikeRogueliteRPGRTSSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGTacticalTactical RPGTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
18,361 1,958 9/10 ~$450,000
Vivid Knight Cover Image
"Vivid Knight" is a "party-building roguelike" game in which you collect friends who have been turned into jewels and fight by combining their abilities! Explore the ever-changing dungeon and harness the gems you have gathered to challenge the labyrinth!
Vivid Knight
Steam Publisher: Asobism.Co.,Ltd Developer: Asobism.Co.,Ltd
May 26, 2021
2 years, 4 months ago
2DAnimeAuto BattlerChoices MatterCuteDeckbuildingDifficultDungeon CrawlerFantasyInventory ManagementMedievalProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRoguelike DeckbuilderRogueliteSimulationSingleplayerStrategyTurn-Based Tactics
6,255 1,480 9/10 ~$430,000
Hadean Tactics Cover Image
Hadean Tactics is a roguelike deckbuilding game fused with autobattler elements to create a unique strategy experience. Use your cards to influence the actions of your units and help your Hero defeat the Six Wings of Hell!
Hadean Tactics
Steam Publisher: Emberfish Games Developer: Emberfish Games
Aug 24, 2023
1 month, 1 week ago
Auto BattlerCard BattlerCard GameChoices MatterDark FantasyDeckbuildingDungeon CrawlerEarly AccessFantasyIndieProcedural GenerationRoguelikeRoguelike DeckbuilderRogueliteSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGStylizedTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based Strategy
9,143 1,050 9/10 ~$400,000
Legend Creatures(传奇生物) Cover Image
Legendary creature is an independent game with rich playing methods such as roguelike + self-propelled chess + strategy. You can collect all kinds of magic creatures with various talents and skills, and can also evolve to a higher level.
Legend Creatures(传奇生物)
Steam Publisher: HideChara Developer: HideChara
Mar 31, 2020
3 years, 6 months ago
2D4XAdventureAuto BattlerCreature CollectorDungeon CrawlerExplorationFantasyIndiePixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationReplay ValueRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
7,153 3,610 9/10 ~$350,000
Resist the succubus—The end of the female Knight Cover Image
As the lord of the city, will you stick to your faith to resist hard, or choose to surrender to desire? Is it the dawn of hope or the end of despair? In such a tottering city, your choices will determine Celine's fate ——
Resist the succubus—The end of the female Knight
Steam Publisher: OTAKU Plan Developer: BoRoBoRoGame
Jul 22, 2022
1 year, 2 months ago
Early Access
2D3DAdventureAnimeAuto BattlerCard BattlerEarly AccessFemale ProtagonistHentaiJRPGMatureMedievalRoguelikeRPGSexual ContentStory RichStrategyTower DefenseTurn-Based StrategyVisual Novel
22,246 1,011 7/10 ~$330,000
Disgaea 6 Complete Cover Image
Join Zed on his quest to destroy the God of Destruction in the newest installment of the SRPG series, Disgaea! Join the zany cast for one HL of an adventure and use specialized abilities like Super Reincarnation to battle your way to victory! Disgaea 6 Complete includes all previously released DLC!
Disgaea 6 Complete
Steam Publisher: NIS America, Inc. Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
Jun 28, 2022
1 year, 3 months ago
3DAnimeAuto BattlerColorfulGrid-Based MovementIdlerJRPGRPGSingleplayerStory RichStrategyStrategy RPGTacticalTactical RPGTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
6,270 285 6/10 ~$330,000
Dungeon 100 Cover Image
The dragon-slayer becomes the dragon. Create unique builds without having to grind for equipment. After defeating a dungeon boss, you will take its place. Then, defeat your past selves to descend further into the dungeon.
Dungeon 100
Steam Publisher: 可布和常常诶 Developer: 可布和常常诶
Aug 10, 2023
1 month, 3 weeks ago
3DAuto BattlerCard GameDarkDark FantasyDeckbuildingFantasyGoreIndiePerma DeathRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGTop-DownTurn-Based StrategyUndergroundViolent
8,627 1,387 9/10 ~$320,000
Mini Healer Cover Image
Mini Healer is a single player healing simulator/raid manager RPG with ARPG inspired deep character customization and itemization. Play as the healer in MMO inspired boss fights, acquire powerful items, and customize your party to your heart's content.
Mini Healer
Steam Publisher: Sad Doge Developer: Sad Doge
Apr 24, 2020
3 years, 5 months ago
Early Access
2DActionAction RPGAuto BattlerCasualCharacter CustomizationDungeon CrawlerEarly AccessFantasyIndieInventory ManagementLootMagicParty-Based RPGPixel GraphicsRPGSingleplayer
7,114 1,861 10/10 ~$280,000
Garbage Cover Image
Experience the struggle which a homeless man goes through in a humorous manner. Primitive elements of contemporary life that we take for granted, such as staying warm, well-nourished, and hygienic, will become an issue.
Steam Publishers: GrabTheGames, UpgradePoint Developer: Homebased
Jun 4, 2021
2 years, 4 months ago
3DAtmosphericAuto BattlerBase BuildingColony SimComedyDark ComedyDark HumorFantasyFightingFunnyIndieLife SimManagementRealisticSimulationStrategySurvivalTop-DownViolent
10,856 792 6/10 ~$230,000
Line War Cover Image
A new type of multiplayer-only RTS-style game with elements from 4X, Wargame, and Real-Time Tactics genres. Draw commands and execute a superior strategy to win over your opponent without the need for micro-management.
Line War
Steam Publisher: Studio Centurion Developer: Studio Centurion
May 5, 2022
1 year, 5 months ago
4XArtificial IntelligenceAuto BattlerBoard GameCold WarColorfulCombatGrand StrategyMilitaryMultiplayerProcedural GenerationPvPReal Time TacticsResource ManagementRTSStrategyTabletopTop-DownWargameWorld War II
8,298 559 9/10 ~$210,000
Astronarch Cover Image
A fusion of roguelikes and auto-battlers like never before seen. Recruit a party of mysterious heroes, navigate deadly lands, collect an arsenal of magical items, and vanquish a new evil threatening the realm!
Steam Publisher: Dale Turner Developer: Dale Turner
Jan 22, 2021
2 years, 8 months ago
Auto BattlerCasualIndieParty-Based RPGPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRPGStrategy
2,680 703 9/10 ~$200,000
Tales & Tactics Cover Image
Roguelike Squad-based Autobattler in a Tabletop RPG setting. Draft your army, carefully equip and position your units, make important choices, and meet a colorful cast of characters as you make ready for the Grand Tournament.
Tales & Tactics
Steam Publisher: Yogscast Games Developer: Table 9 Studio
Aug 10, 2023
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Early Access
3DAdventureAtmosphericAuto BattlerBoard GameCard BattlerEarly AccessFantasyHex GridLootResource ManagementRoguelikeRPGSingleplayerStrategyStrategy RPGTabletopTacticalTactical RPGTurn-Based Tactics
6,662 531 9/10 ~$180,000
Heretic's Fork Cover Image
Dear candidate, we are pleased to invite you to take up the position of manager of Hell. You will punish sinners by using our deck-building computer system to construct hellish towers capable of keeping the endless hordes of the underworld in check. Best of luck!
Heretic's Fork
Steam Publisher: Ravenage Games Developer: 9FingerGames
Sep 13, 2023
2 weeks, 6 days ago
2DActionArcadeArena ShooterAuto BattlerBullet HellCard GameCasualDeckbuildingDemonsPerma DeathPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRoguelike DeckbuilderRogueliteSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTop-DownTower Defense
7,214 945 9/10 ~$180,000
Buggos Cover Image
Lead your hive to victory in 'Buggos', an RTS Auto Battler! Customize your swarm with 120+ evolutions and conquer humanity. Strategy meets bug chaos!
Steam Publisher: Intrepid Marmot Developer: Intrepid Marmot
Mar 17, 2022
1 year, 6 months ago
2DAuto BattlerAutomationBase BuildingBuildingCity BuilderColony SimEconomyHorrorManagementPsychological HorrorRoguelikeRTSSimulationSpaceStrategySurvivalVillain ProtagonistWarWargame
3,107 561 9/10 ~$160,000
The Dungeon Beneath Cover Image
The Dungeon Beneath is a tactical rogue-like autobattler. Gather your party and descend into the dungeon, battling your way through room after room of nefarious enemies. Collect powerful artifacts and equipment to create an endless variety of strategies.
The Dungeon Beneath
Steam Publisher: Puzzle Box Games Developer: Puzzle Box Games
Oct 23, 2020
2 years, 11 months ago
2DAuto BattlerCombatDungeon CrawlerFantasyIndiePerma DeathPixel GraphicsProcedural GenerationPvERetroRoguelikeRogueliteSingleplayerStrategyTacticalTactical RPGTurn-Based CombatTurn-Based StrategyTurn-Based Tactics
2,978 536 9/10 ~$150,000
Gratuitous Space Battles Cover Image
Who needs backstory? Who needs resource-gathering? Diplomacy is so last year. Gratuitous Space Battles cuts right to the chase of sci-fi strategy games, and deals with large, completely unjustified space battles between huge opposing space fleets.
Gratuitous Space Battles
Steam Publisher: Positech Games Developer: Positech Games
Nov 16, 2009
13 years, 10 months ago
2DActionAuto BattlerBuildingDifficultIndieModdableMultiplayerPhysicsRTSSandboxSci-fiSimulationSingleplayerSpaceSpaceshipsStrategyTacticalTop-DownTower Defense
3,347 500 7/10 ~$140,000
Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot Cover Image
Assemble your dwarf legion and annihilate tons of orcs! This game provides a refreshing combat experience, cleverly integrating RPG growth, roguelike adventures, and auto-chess. It's fast-paced yet rich in strategic depth - perfect for slacking off during work and decompression!
Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot
Steam Publishers: Gamersky Games, ichbinhamma Developer: ichbinhamma
Aug 16, 2023
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Early Access
2DAdventureAuto BattlerCasualCharacter CustomizationDragonsEarly AccessFantasyIndieInventory ManagementLootParty-Based RPGPerma DeathPixel GraphicsRoguelikeRogueliteRPGSingleplayerStrategyTactical RPG
4,558 619 7/10 ~$140,000
Tavern of Gods Cover Image
"Tavern of Gods" is a roguelite auto battle game. Players collect hero skills, followers, and equipment to form various builds to fight with random monsters. Unlock new heros, follower traits and equipment suits, then you can experience more different builds next time.
Tavern of Gods
Steam Publisher: Element Studio Developer: Element Studio
Aug 20, 2021
2 years, 1 month ago
$9.99 $4.99 -50%
ActionAdventureAuto BattlerCard GameCasualChoices MatterCreature CollectorDeckbuildingDemonsFantasyIndieMagicMythologyParty-Based RPGReplay ValueRoguelikeRogueliteSingleplayerStrategyTraditional Roguelike
4,626 725 7/10 ~$140,000