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Short Description: Mechabellum is a rewarding tactical wargame where you gain victory by adapting your strategy and outthinking your opponents. Command mechanized army in a battle against humans or AI, customize your units and strategically place them on the battlefield to watch them destroy your enemies.

Platforms: Windows

Publisher: Paradox Arc

Developer: Game River

Release: May 11, 2023 (1 year ago) Early Access

Price: $14.99 $8.99 -40%

Reviews: 6,453

Score: 9/10

Followers: 28,415

Tags: Action Action RTS Auto Battler Co-op Early Access Mechs Multiplayer PvP Real Time Tactics Robots RTS Simulation Singleplayer Strategy Tactical Turn-Based Turn-Based Strategy Turn-Based Tactics War Wargame

Genres: Action, Early Access, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy


Revenue Estimate: ~$1.9 million

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