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Hidden Object 100%Casual 89%Adventure 88%Indie 42%Point & Click 38%Puzzle 32%Singleplayer 30%Atmospheric 22%Mystery 19%Story Rich 18%Female Protagonist 16%2D 15%Great Soundtrack 14%Family Friendly 14%Horror 13%Fantasy 12%Relaxing 7%Detective 6%Colorful 6%Exploration 5%Funny 5%Short 5%Simulation 5%Strategy 4%First-Person 4%Action 4%Difficult 4%Mouse only 4%Addictive 3%Hand-drawn 3%


Average: ~$21,000
Median: ~$1,200
Total: ~$17.9 million

# Title Release Price Tags Followers Reviews Score Net Revenue
1 Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. Batman - The Telltale Series
Steam Publisher: Athlon Games, Inc.
Aug 2, 2016
3 years, 8 months ago
ActionAdventureAtmosphericBatmanChoices MatterChoose Your Own AdventureComic BookDarkDetectiveEpisodicGoreHidden ObjectNoirPoint & ClickQuick-Time EventsSingleplayerStory RichSuperheroViolentVisual Novel
46,649 7,294 7/10 ~$2.1 million
2 Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny. Fran Bow
Steam Publisher: Killmonday Games AB
Aug 27, 2015
4 years, 7 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericDarkDark FantasyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGoreGreat SoundtrackHand-drawnHidden ObjectHorrorIndiePoint & ClickPsychologicalPsychological HorrorPuzzleSingleplayerStory RichSurreal
34,127 5,554 10/10 ~$1.6 million
3 Witch It is a multiplayer hide & seek game set in a humorous, magical world. Brave hunters are tasked with finding the witches that curse their villages! Witch It
Steam Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
May 31, 2017
2 years, 10 months ago
Early Access
ActionAtmosphericCasualCo-opEarly AccessFamily FriendlyFantasyFirst-PersonFunnyHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMultiplayerOnline Co-OpOpen WorldPixel GraphicsStealthStrategySurvivalTeam-Based
59,553 4,199 9/10 ~$1.2 million
4 A mysterious invitation leads to the attic of an abandoned house. In the room is a cast-iron safe laced with strange carvings and on top, a note from your distant companion. It promises something ancient and astonishing concealed in the iron chamber - you need only find a way in. The Room
Steam Publisher: Fireproof Games
Jul 28, 2014
5 years, 8 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericBeautifulCasualDarkFirst-PersonHidden ObjectHorrorIndieLovecraftianMasterpieceMysteryPoint & ClickPsychological HorrorPuzzleShortSingleplayerSteampunkStory RichTouch-Friendly
19,931 12,493 10/10 ~$1.2 million
5 Unique events transport you to the halls of a long-forgotten crypt. The only means of escape lies locked within a stone pedestal, along with a note from your mysterious ally. His words promise assistance, but only serve to entice you into a compelling world of mystery and exploration. The Room Two
Steam Publisher: Fireproof Games
Jul 5, 2016
3 years, 9 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericCasualDarkFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieLovecraftianMysteryPoint & ClickPsychological HorrorPuzzleShortSingleplayerSteampunkStory Rich
16,009 8,886 10/10 ~$850,000
6 Search for hidden folks in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Unfurl tent flaps, cut through bushes, slam doors, and poke some crocodiles! Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!! Hidden Folks
Steam Publisher: Adriaan de Jongh
Feb 15, 2017
3 years, 1 month ago
2DAdventureAudio ProductionCasualCuteDesign & IllustrationFamily FriendlyFunnyGreat SoundtrackHand-drawnHidden ObjectIndieIsometricMinimalistPoint & ClickPuzzleRelaxingShortSingleplayerTouch-Friendly
28,628 4,729 10/10 ~$720,000
7 The next generation in adventure games, Syberia 3 takes you inside an enchanting, mysterious universe full of life for you to explore in 3D. Plunged into the heart of a world inhabited by a cast of interesting characters, you'll discover and experience a fabulous tale as imagined by Benoit Sokal. Syberia 3
Steam Publisher: Microids
Apr 20, 2017
2 years, 11 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericChoices MatterControllerFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectMasterpieceMysteryOpen WorldPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerSteampunkStory RichThird Person
23,809 1,239 6/10 ~$710,000
8 Enter The House of Da Vinci, a new must-try 3D puzzle adventure game. Solve mechanical puzzles, discover hidden objects, escape from rooms and dive into the authentic atmosphere of the Renaissance. Use all your wits to find out what's behind your master's disappearance. The House of Da Vinci
Steam Publisher: Blue Brain Games
Nov 24, 2017
2 years, 4 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericFirst-PersonHidden ObjectIndiePoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerStrategy
10,052 1,700 9/10 ~$650,000
9 Join Kate Walker as she travels to remote locations and time periods in this timeless voyage to discover her true destiny. Syberia
Steam Publisher: Microids
Sep 1, 2002
17 years, 7 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericBeautifulCasualClassicFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectMasterpieceMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleSci-fiSingleplayerSteampunkStory RichThird Person
6,158 1,875 9/10 ~$470,000
10 Lured to a remote island, you find yourself confined within the rooms of an ominous mansion. You must draw upon all your puzzle-solving ability to navigate a series of trials devised by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman”. Do you have what it takes to escape? The Room Three
Steam Publisher: Fireproof Games
Nov 13, 2018
1 year, 4 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericDarkHidden ObjectHorrorIndieLovecraftianMultiple EndingsMysteryPoint & ClickPsychological HorrorPuzzleSingleplayerStory Rich
12,287 3,759 10/10 ~$430,000
11 A brain-racking game about bathroom breaks, screwdrivers and nuclear explosions. Please, Don’t Touch Anything
Steam Publisher: Forward Game Studios
Mar 26, 2015
5 years ago
2DCasualDifficultFunnyGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIlluminatiIndieMultiple EndingsPixel GraphicsPoint & ClickPsychological HorrorPuzzleShortSingleplayer
11,748 2,896 9/10 ~$390,000
12 Morphopolis is about transformation and discovery. Morphopolis takes you on a puzzle adventure through a fantastical insect world. Starting as an aphid grub, you embark on an epic journey of metamorphosis toward your spawning ground. Morphopolis
Steam Publisher: Dan Walters
Aug 14, 2014
5 years, 7 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericBeautifulCasualColorfulDifficultExplorationFamily FriendlyFantasyGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectIndieNaturePoint & ClickPsychedelicPuzzleRelaxingShortSingleplayer
3,659 4,245 9/10 ~$320,000
13 You were living a calm life on your farm with your father. Those times are gone. Flames have turned your house into ashes. Your father is missing. A darkness is falling over the whole country and you are setting off on a dangerous journey. This is going to be the greatest adventure of your life. Hero of the Kingdom
Steam Publisher: Lonely Troops
Dec 20, 2012
7 years, 3 months ago
AdventureCasualClickerColorfulFantasyHidden ObjectIndieIsometricMedievalPoint & ClickPuzzleResource ManagementRPGShortSingleplayerStory RichStrategy
3,926 2,492 9/10 ~$290,000
14 The Uncertain is an story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Experience the mysterious vibe of each of carefully explored locations, solve diverse puzzles, make fateful decisions and discuss intriguing matters to find out the whole truth being kept from you. The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
Steam Publisher: ComonGames
Sep 22, 2016
3 years, 6 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericChoices MatterCyberpunkEpisodicFuturisticGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndiePoint & ClickPost-apocalypticPuzzleRobotsSci-fiShortSingleplayerStory RichThird PersonWalking Simulator
17,005 988 7/10 ~$280,000
15 Life on Tiny Planet was calm and carefree until a great disaster occurred - Tiny Planet was hit by a meteor! The world fell apart and now its future depends only on you! Use your imagination and creativity: in order to restore Tiny Planet and help its inhabitants you will have to fix a variety of machines and mechanisms as well as solve... The Tiny Bang Story
Steam Publisher: Colibri Games
Apr 22, 2011
8 years, 11 months ago
1990's2DAdventureCasualClassicComedyCult ClassicFunnyGreat SoundtrackHand-drawnHidden ObjectIndieMasterpiecePoint & ClickPuzzleRelaxingRemakeRetroSingleplayerStory Rich
5,237 2,683 9/10 ~$260,000
16 You and your sister had finally found a haven in a small fishing village when you encountered more troubles. An unstoppable pirate crew threatened the entire kingdom. Your sister was kidnapped and taken to lands unknown. You must embark on a journey to the end of the world to save her. Hero of the Kingdom II
Steam Publisher: Lonely Troops
Feb 20, 2015
5 years, 1 month ago
AdventureCasualClickerColorfulFantasyHidden ObjectIndieIsometricMedievalPiratesPoint & ClickResource ManagementRPGShortSingleplayerStory RichStrategy
3,954 1,234 9/10 ~$190,000
17 How Far Would You Go to Escape the Past? Nancy Drew®: Midnight in Salem
Steam Publisher: HeR Interactive, Inc.
Dec 3, 2019
4 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericBased On A NovelClassicDetectiveDramaExplorationFamily FriendlyFemale ProtagonistHidden ObjectMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleRetroSingleplayerStory Rich
1,489 441 6/10 ~$190,000
18 The Bunker is an award-winning interactive horror movie. You are John, born underground the day the bombs fell, now alone and trying to survive. But when an alarm goes off, a catastrophic chain of events begins. Unlock the dark secrets of your past as you try to escape The Bunker. The Bunker
Steam Publisher: Wales Interactive
Sep 20, 2016
3 years, 6 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericFMVGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMovieMysteryPost-apocalypticPsychological HorrorStory RichThriller
5,540 674 7/10 ~$170,000
19 The ABC Murders is an adventure and investigation game adapted from the classic Agatha Christie novel. You are the famous private detective Hercule Poirot and, once again, you find yourself up against a mysterious serial killer who goes by the name of "ABC". Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
Steam Publisher: Microids
Feb 4, 2016
4 years, 1 month ago
AdventureBased On A NovelCrimeDetectiveHidden ObjectMysteryNoirPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerStory Rich
4,051 578 7/10 ~$170,000
20 A suave secret agent adventure game. Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to infiltrate enemy spy Ruby La Rouge’s secret hideaway and put a stop to her evil plans! Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
Steam Publisher: Yak & Co
Aug 29, 2019
7 months ago
AdventureCasualControllerDesign & IllustrationDetectiveFamily FriendlyFemale ProtagonistFunnyGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleRetroSingleplayerStory RichStylized
3,212 398 9/10 ~$150,000
21 Victor Frankenstein, an old friend and a brilliant scientist has managed to resurrect the dead! However the border between life and death is fragile and Victor has learned the hard way that this balance should not be tempered with... Frankenstein: Master of Death
Steam Publisher: Jetdogs Studios
Mar 9, 2015
5 years ago
AdventureCasualHidden ObjectHorrorIndiePoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayer
1,236 1,578 9/10 ~$150,000
22 Experience the beginning and end of characters' lives and build your own family tree! Rusty Lake: Roots is the second premium point-and-click adventure by the creators of the Cube Escape series and Rusty Lake Hotel. Rusty Lake: Roots
Steam Publisher: Rusty Lake
Oct 20, 2016
3 years, 5 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCasualDarkGoreHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPsychological HorrorPuzzleSingleplayerStory Rich
9,926 2,360 10/10 ~$140,000
23 Let one of the most thrilling adventures of your life begin! Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek
Steam Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Sep 1, 2011
8 years, 7 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCartoonyCasualDetectiveFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerStory Rich
2,108 626 9/10 ~$120,000
24 Would you like to enter a thrilling Pirates world where danger lurks in every corner?You are a museum owner pursuing an undead pirate who kidnapped your daughter. You quickly realize that the villain is entangled in a tragic, centuries-old love story, and wants to resurrect his mistress with the girl’s life force. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart
Steam Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Apr 19, 2012
7 years, 11 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCasualFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPiratesPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerStory Rich
1,744 609 9/10 ~$120,000
25 Enter Ravenwood Park and discover the secrets hidden in the mists… Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood
Steam Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Sep 25, 2013
6 years, 6 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCasualDetectiveFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerStory Rich
3,063 586 10/10 ~$110,000
26 Enter an enchanting world of legends and magic, where your destiny was written in blood and whispers of true love. Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
Steam Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Feb 25, 2014
6 years, 1 month ago
AdventureAtmosphericCartoonyCasualColorfulFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleRelaxingShortSingleplayerStory RichVisual Novel
2,188 534 10/10 ~$100,000
27 Your uncle raised you as a skilled hunter. Your peaceful life was interrupted by an ancient evil shattering the whole kingdom. Monsters climbed out of holes and innocent people died. You must face the great evil. Only your courage will save the kingdom on the brink of destruction. Hero of the Kingdom III
Steam Publisher: Lonely Troops
Aug 30, 2018
1 year, 7 months ago
AdventureCasualClickerColorfulFantasyHidden ObjectIndieIsometricMedievalPoint & ClickRPGSingleplayerStory RichStrategy
2,211 506 7/10 ~$97,000
28 Take a deep breath and find your fiancée who went missing in the dark abyss of the ocean. Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden
Steam Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Oct 29, 2012
7 years, 5 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCasualFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayerStory RichUnderwater
1,658 491 9/10 ~$94,000
29 Save the feuding kingdoms! Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan
Steam Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Sep 27, 2014
5 years, 6 months ago
2DAdventureAtmosphericCartoonyCasualFamily FriendlyFantasyFemale ProtagonistGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectHorrorIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleRelaxingShortSingleplayerStory RichVisual Novel
1,977 490 9/10 ~$94,000
30 Lose yourself in a stunning puzzle adventure set in a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a vast, ancient castle riddled with secret vaults and hidden rooms. Solve elaborate puzzles, uncover lost treasures, and unravel a mystery bridging the scientific and the arcane. The Eyes of Ara
Steam Publisher: 100 Stones Interactive
Jul 19, 2016
3 years, 8 months ago
AdventureAtmosphericFirst-PersonGreat SoundtrackHidden ObjectIndieMysteryPoint & ClickPuzzleSingleplayer
4,022 314 9/10 ~$90,000